Predictions for Week 2

After an exhausting weekend where we watching too much ESPN and ESPN 360 (that's all we get in the UK), the VFA's back with predictions for what should be an awesome Week 2.

USC vs Ohio State

This game's going to be a monster. Terrelle Pryor should cause problems for USC's just-got-together defense, while we think Joe McKnight could do the same for Ohio State's tested 'D', which very nearly failed against Navy. Look out for Trojans QB Matt Barkley - if he's great, OSU have problems. If not, then problems for the Trojans.

Prediction: Going to be close. USC by 7.

Notre Dame vs Michigan

Great! The VFA gets to cheer on no-one! The Big Ten might be cheering for Michigan, but if we're honest, the VFA aren't. But we have to be honest: Michigan and the Golden Domeheads are suddenly on the up, and this is going to be a classic. Jimmy Clausen has the chance to put himself firmly into Heisman contention, but the story may well be about the running backs.

Prediction: Michigan in the 'upset' - by a field goal.

Clemson vs Georgia Tech

This is going to be a war. The ACC might well college football's most exciting conference, and after the Miami-FSU game, this one's got a lot to live up. Clemson will have to do a lot better than they did against Middle Tennessee State if they have a HOPE of beating the Yellow Jackets in this clash of two conference titans.

Prediction. Silence in S.C. Georgia Tech by 10.

Syracuse vs Penn State

The Big Ten ineptitude that was seen when Syracuse QB Greg Paulus played Minnesota shouldn't happen at Happy Valley. This'll be a long day for you, Greg.

Prediction: White lightning - Penn State by 21.

Stanford vs Wake Forest

Riley Skinner's season started with a bump with the Deacons lost at home to Baylor. Will lightning strike twice when he comes up against Stanford, who went 1-0 yesterday?

Prediction: Riley's laughing. Wake by 10.

Iowa State vs Iowa

It can't be any worse for Iowa, can it? They should have lost to DI-AA Northern Iowa last week, and they will have to do a whole lot of improving to stop people laughing when the words "Iowa" and "Big Ten contenders" are mentioned.

Prediction: Hawkeyes start again, and go 2-0....with difficulty. Iowa by 14.

UCLA vs Tennessee

Is Lane Kiffin the second coming of Phil Fulmer? For his scales' sake, we hope not! UCLA's Rick Neuhiesel will be hoping for the upset, which we think unlikely at Neyland. Sorry.

Prediction: Tennessee play well in back-to-back games. Shock! Horror! Vols by 21.

Idaho State vs Oklahoma

If you're a Sooners fan, you'll still be tears after Sam Bradford got injured against BYU. But don't worry, your team will just give the ball to DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown, and the rest will be end-zone.

Prediction: Boomer! Sooner! Oklahoma by 31

Purdue at Oregon

We'd love to give props to the Ducks for scheduling toughies like Boise State and Purdue in back-to-back games. Purdue will find Autzen a frightening - and - noisy prospect.

Prediction: Hot cheerleaders jumping around! Yaaaaaay! Oregon by 10

Mississippi State vs Auburn

With Vandy against LSU as our OTHER choice in the SEC this week, this SEC West game won't exactly be pretty, but it could be intriguing.

Prediction: See the eagle and see the toilet paper. Auburn by 7

And now....back to Oregon