Nittany Lions going nowhere: Week 3 Poll

After an utterly uninspiring 31-6 win over the powerhouse known as the Temple Owls, Penn State are going nowhere in the polls - apparently they are still the fifth best team in the country. ESPN's College Football Final had nothing nice to about their performance, and nor did my buddy who was actually there.

A few quick points:

1) Florida is No.1. Urban Meyer's scared to death of swine flu, and the flu bug that hammered his Gators team before the game against Tennessee. Just one quick question: if Jeff Demps had a 101-degree temperature in the week, why in the hell did he play? Seriously. But flu's the only thing that's going to stop the Gators this year. You heard it here.....about 10,437th.

2) USC down to 12th. Not surprised. After losing to Washington, Pete Carroll's also just blown a chance at a National Title game. Again. But if the Trojans beat Oregon and Cal, then look for them - yet again - to be in the Top 5. Washington are now ranked, by the way.....

3) Alabama THIRD after beating Tech and two Schools For The Blind? Saying that, Penn State's played three cupcakes and struggled....

4) Florida State - ranked and dangerous (No.18). Bowden's convicts handed the Mormons a massive home loss.

5) Oklahoma back in the Top 10 (10th) after back-to-back schellackings of their opposition. But why are they ranked higher than Georgia (21st), who despite losing to Oklahoma State, have beaten back-to-back tough SEC opponents and scored a ton of points in both games?

6) Notre Dame STILL not ranked. The 'Michigan hangover''s going to live on long after the defeat in Ann Arbor and the close shave against Michigan State, Charlie. No National Title game for you and your best bud Lou!

7) Ohio State DOWN in the rankings? They stopped one of the best passing offenses in the country with a blinding performance and a 38-0 victory. Terrelle Pryor was excellent. Don't attack them because of the whole "OSU-lost-to-USC-who-lost-to-Washington-therefore-the-Buckeyes-must-REALLY-suck" situation because quite frankly, it's not the case. They are better than 13th.

8) Miami 9th in the nation after hammering Georgia Tech. The swagger's back. Sadly.

9) The VFA should be ranked after only getting 1 game (USC) wrong in our picks this week.

10) Extra points should go to Michigan State's band, who failed to try and catch Golden Tate, who jumped into them.