Nightmare on Longhorns Street? Week 3 Predictions

The new "Nightmare on Elm Street" is out in a movie theater near you in 2010, but Week 3 could be a horror show for highly-ranked sides.

Texas Tech vs Texas

Regardless of the 41-10 end result, Texas' first half against Wyoming was a horror show. While Wyoming's offense was indeed merciful to the Longhorns' defence, don't expect the same from Potts and company - which has passed for over 860 yards and 6 touchdowns already this season. Oh, and we know Michael Crabtree's gone - but like the eight-headed hydra - a number of others have come into to take his place.

Prediction: This one's going to the wire: Texas by 3

Georgia Tech vs Miami

Georgia Tech were brilliant in the first half and then bled out Carrie-style in the second, rescuing themselves with a final drive in the last minute to set up a game-winning field goal. Miami is still on a high after the quite incredible showdown with Florida State - anyone want to bet against Jacory Harris doing the same in the Sunshine State?

Prediction: Blood all over! Down goes No.14 on Thursday night! Miami by 7

Tennessee vs Florida

If you want a true footballing horror story, show your kids Jonathan Crompton's hellish awful effort at home against UCLA, when he threw three interceptions (to go with two the previous week) as the Vols lost at home 19-15. UCLA's defense is good, but not as good as Florida's. What price do I get for six Crompton INTs this week, to go with a comfortable Florida win?

Prediction: Crompton will be better, but not good enough for the Gators. Florida by 14

Temple vs Penn State

Penn State's fans need some deliverance from their awful running game, which hasn't even sputtered yet against two poor-to-mediocre sides (Akron and Syracuse). Against Temple, it HAS to get going. Seriously.

Prediction: Not. Very. Close. Lions by 31

USC vs Washington

Last season, this would have been an easy one to pick. But 1-1 Washington has been playing their butts off recently, and USC is coming off a brutal game in Buckeyeville, which they pulled out in front of 100,000 ghouls. Matt Barkley's shoulder injury's going to be an issue - and expect a close one.

Prediction: Closer than you might think. USC by 10

Nebraska vs Virginia Tech

Nebraska's shown that it's offense ain't bad after going 2-0 against two pesky-looking rivals (on paper), but the Children of The Corn are going to get quite the welcoming at Lane Stadium against the Turkey-lovers. They'll have to stop one of the best running teams in the nation (13th last time we looked).

Prediction: Tech screaming. With joy. Tech by 6

Utah vs Oregon

After being comedy at Boise State and keeping us gripped against Purdue, Oregon haven't exactly been un-entertaining this year, have they? But the Ducks - despite their laughable nickname - are a good side, and Autzen Stadium's going to be loud. Have we mentioned the wonderful cheerleaders, too?

Prediction: Oregon cheerleaders happy. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Ducks by 7 in the upset.

And a quick trip down memory lane: