Hypothetical Question

If you hypothetically had a baby that was probably going to be your only baby and she was a really really really independent little thing that would allow ZERO cuddling and often tried to push away from you when you were holding her and you sometimes even snuck into her room at night to scoop her from her crib while she was sleeping because you thought that surely then she would snuggle in your arms, but even then she still kicked and flailed to get away from you in her sleep, and you took her swimming and she loved the water all the time but then one time she was a little bit nervous and suddenly CLUNG to your neck and pushed her cheek to your face....

...would it be really wrong to hypothetically go just a little bit deeper in the water so she would keep clinging (or even cling tighter!) because it felt so good??

Hypothetically, would that make someone a bad/mean mom???