Florida State vs Miami: One of the games of the decade?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If any of you were lucky enough to see THAT Florida State - Miami game last night, then you saw one of the games of the season. Actually, you didn't. You probably saw one of the games of the decade.

We should be used to a game like this, with has all the history of "wide rights" and "wide lefts". This time, we had a low throw into traffic in the last second of the game that looked like a touchdown - so much so that ESPN commentators yelled it - and was called off as an incomplete pass.

No team particularly deserved to lose this one - it was a game of all-out attacking that saw both programs emerge as winners. Chin up, Christian Ponder, quarterback for Florida State, you played your heart out. And if you can't get your frame into the NFL, there's going to be a very decent paying job for you after college - especially with your MBA. And Jacory Harris, his opposite number at the Hurricanes? You took quite a shot in the fourth quarter. We thought you wouldn't make it back. But you did. You anchored a drive and threw the winning touchdown.

Defensively, both sides didn't exactly strike fear. There were too many missed tackles, with the biggest failure being to wrap a guy up. The secondaries were weak. Very week. And on special teams both sides ran the ball back so well that drives started virtually all the time on the 30 and 40 yard lines.

We're still buzzing about this instant classic. We hope you are.

Oh, and to all ACC fans: Sorry when I mentioned that Virginia had the hottest co-eds in the country. I completely forgot about Florida State. And Miami.