Down Goes Ole Miss!

South Carolina has got this season DOWN, my friends.

Play on Thursday night in one of the dullest games on the planet (this 16-10 win over fourth-ranked Ole Miss just beat out the 7-3 win over NC State in that category), they win. Play on Saturday night (the 41-37 loss at Georgia was one of the most exciting games this year), they struggle.

It's weird, because Jevan Snead never looked like a potential All-SEC or even a Heisman Trophy quarterback. He was even worse than Stephen Garcia, who's 16-34, 220 yard effort was actually worse than the numbers looked.

Don't get us wrong: we expected Jevan Snead and his 'high-octane' offense to have their way against South Carolina. We expected South Carolina's 'D' to show up in the same fashion as they did at Georgia. You know what? We were wrong. South Carolina might be the third or fourth best team in the SEC East, but you know what? They'll be hard to beat. Florida, you have been warned.

Oh, and great crowd shots by ESPN tonight. Round of applause for finding the right co-eds.

Here are the highlights: