Buckeyes Battle, Wolverines Roar, Cougars Slash Cowboys: Week Two Awards

Some writers like helmet stickers to celebrate great college performances of the week. We prefer adult beverages.

Champagne = Great! Budweiser = Good, solid performance if nothing special. Nattie Light= Absolute crap.


Notre Dame/Michigan

"Both sides aren't very good," said a friend of mine. Frankly, I don't care if the game pitched two fairly ordinary defences against each other. It was perhaps the most dramatic game of the day - which was saying something. Is Michigan and Notre Dame back? Let's hope so - it's good for college football. This game certainly was!

The Horseshoe

It's not every day that a stadium gets a champagne, but we're doling out over 100,000 bottles to the Ohio State fans for being so damned noisy in the loss to USC. Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit had to raise their voices a little to hear themselves think. So, I think, did USC. What a stadium. What a noise. Only pity? Not enough shots of the student section and too many shots of a guy in an OSU-themed cowboy hat and cape. Oh, and the game gets a bottle too.


Everyone knew that Houston could score points, but who expected the Cougars to a) dump 45 on Oklahoma State's 'new-and-improved' defense and b) get the monster upset 45-35 victory in Stillwater? They might have done. We didn't!


We didn't expect UCLA to come away with another victory against Tennessee- particularly as UT had demolished their last opponent and Jonathan Crompton wasn't the mistake-riddled quarterback of yesteryear. Well, we were wrong. UCLA's defense held tight, and the Bruins had an upset victory. Look over these guys at your peril.


Some late night fun for you, with both schools deciding offensive prowess was the way to go. As usual, extra kicking practice should go to Purdue's Carson Wiggs, who missed a game-tying field goal in the fourth quarter. It became important when Purdue missed a two point conversion and promptly lost 38-36.


Losing teams don't usually get up here, but Clemson looked as though it was going to be on the wrong end of 50 on Thursday night. But they turned the ship around, and even had the lead midway through the fourth quarter of this classic. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to turn it around, but the Tigers could quite easily compete for an ACC title - they'll be cheering on Miami on Thursday night.


After a dreadful performance against Northern Iowa, the Hawkeyes needed to sort their crap out - and quickly before a monster rivalry game against Iowa State. They did, and the Hawkeyes keep the trophy.

Georgia/South Carolina

We expected a close game. We expected the defenses to be leading the way, and despite all of the passion, not much end-zone celebration. We had the close game. The defenses really did rather little - although the score may well have been 44-41 if Rennie Curran hadn't broken up Stephen Garcia's TD-bound pass with 22 seconds remaining. This was a classic. Worth watching again, if you missed it. If you don't believe us...



Looked horrible early on then shifted into another gear in a 41-10 road victory.


7-3 up against Troy after the first quarter, it looked as though this might have been interesting. At 35-3 at half-time, it wasn't.


Rumours of the end of Oklahoma may be premature. Landry Jones threw for nearly 200 yards and DeMarco Murray ran for another 100. The only reason why we're not doling out the Dom Perignon is that it was Idaho State.


Penn State

No good beer or champagne for you! Although Darryl Clark, his receivers and the defense makes me excited about the 2009 season, the running game doesn't. Sorry. The performance was 'uninspired' against Syracuse (I'm not the only one saying it), and although a win's a win, the Lions will have to perform better on Saturday for anyone to think they'll beat either Michigan or Ohio State in future games.

Oklahoma State

Great defense huh?

Washington State

It gets worse and worse with a 38-20 home loss to Hawaii. Should have tried to boot them from the schedule.

Florida State

Yes! Florida State squeak by Jacksonville State! Who are Jacksonville State, exactly?

Now let's celebrate the week Oregon-style.......