Why I'm Taking a Break from Weight Watchers

No, it's not because I'm at my goal weight, nor am I even close.

* Because I went hard and heavy at it for 4 months and I lost 22 or so pounds. And I find that after a run like that I need a little break.

* Because right now, summertime is super busy and it's really REALLY hard to stay even 75% on track when you've got a bunch of stuff going on. This isn't to say that I'm a super busy woman with a packed schedule, but a lot of things just... come up. Like impromptu barbecues, and evening beers on someone's deck, and lunch out with an old friend, and a concert, and friends birthdays, and other such things. It's really not cool to bring a green salad with Fat Free Italian Dressing to a BBQ, you know. Also? Not enjoyable when your paper plate holds one tablespoon of an amazing looking potato salad and a piece of steak the size of a bottle cap - then overflows with lettuce. Not much fun at all.

* Because when the heat wave struck - and could strike again - I am not able to think straight. I have a sweaty, cranky baby with a heat rash to care for. And I myself find it hard to get much more exercise than it takes to shut my bedroom door and crank on my mini air conditioner and lay on my bed in the nude. So counting points, eating healthy and exercising in that shit? Forget it. I'm loading the deep freeze with ice cream and wheeling it into my room and don't talk to me until it's under 25 outside.

* Because I am on maternity leave wages right now and cannot afford to pay money to Weight Watchers if I cannot give Weight Watchers 100%. If I can't do it with gusto, I'm not doing it.

*Because I don't think I am HIDEOUS looking right now and I can buy clothes in "normal" stores. And if I wear my Spanx, I even look kinda curvy.

And so.... I am on a brief hiatus from the Weight Watchers scene right now. And in the meantime I'm not on a hog wild binge out. I am still running (though not as much as I would like due to heat wave and sometimes Ruby demands) and I am still watching what I eat (somewhat). But for now, I'm on a little break. And that's totally ok, I need it. Come September I plan on getting back at it and losing some more weight before I go back to work in December.

I had a dream the other night that when I went back to WW, I went back to meetings as opposed to online and it felt good and felt successful in the dream. Maybe I might go with that when the time is right.