The Preseason Polls: A quick reaction

Listen, we know that preseason polls don't really matter, but they are still great fun to talk about.

Here's our take:

1) USC might be a little high

There definitely seems a problem with USC quarterbacking group. Pete Carroll can' decide between Mitch Mustain, Matt Barclay or Aaron Corp. He's also missing a superb linebacking corps, who have all gone to the NFL. Oh, and his offensive co-ordinator's left too. And there's a nice trip to Ohio State, for one of the biggest games of the season. Question for pollsters: If USC destroy Ohio State, will that put them into National Championship Contention?

2) Oklahoma vs Texas

College Gameday might have had the game of the season last year, but this year they've set up one of the games of the decade. Prediction: two unbeatens clashing at the State Fair. We can't wait.

3) Penn State - too high at No. 9?

Penn State is on equal footing at No.9 with Oklahoma State. That's great - but Oklahoma State is a better team (offensively) than Penn State is. Remember, PSU needs to build a wide receiving corps, which was decimated by graduations. Although PSU is favoured by many to win the Big Ten, methinks this enthusiasm is a season early. Then again, when have you ever known the VFA to be confident about the Ohio State game? PSU's ranking by SI (14) might be about right.

4) Too much love for the SEC?

Understandably Florida has been picked as the No.1 team in the nation, and Mississippi's been getting a lot of love recently. But Alabama? Last time we looked, they were missing one veteran QB, a scorching running back (Glen Coffee), and offensive tackle Andre Smith - who some believe was the best in his position last season. A lot of people have the Tide third behind LSU and Mississippi in the SEC West. Then again, Nick Saban's done wonders with a team written off by the writers. It could be the writers saying: "You're not getting past me this year!" Still, having five SEC teams isn't too shabby. Then again, nor is five for the Big XII, either (Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, Kansas and Nebraska). Don't be too surprised if you see Tennessee in the Top 25. Seriously.

5) Still, no love for the smaller schools

TCU's in 17th, Utah's in 19th, BYU's 20th. Which one of these ones is going to be remain unbeaten? We'll make a call for Boise - and also shout out to SI for recognising that bigger might be better in 2009. They've got Boise at 9, and TCU in the top 20, too. But no love for BYU.

6) Or the Big Ten

PSU, Ohio State and Iowa are all ranked. Michigan are going to suck this year - according to the pollsters- and there's no love for our seven other friends. And even Iowa - is Jewel Hampton better than Shonn Greene? In the VFA's view, Illinois should be ranked. Juice Williams and Arrelious Been are prodigious talents and Ron Zook is a great recruiter. Watch out for these guys to surprise.

7)....And still no faith in Notre Dame

The pollsters think that the Fighting Irish are the 23th best team in the nation, in front of just Nebraska and Kansas. That doesn't exactly translate to faith in Jimmy Clausen, Charlie Weis and Golden Tate, does it? We think that they should be ranked around the 12-15th mark.