I have been up for 3 hours. I've been to Starbucks for a latte with the baby. I've fed and watered the baby. Bathed the baby. Put the baby down for a nap. Cleaned the car. Loaded up the empty bottles for return. Did a load of laundry. Did dishes. Tidied the house.

Steve is yet to arise from the depths of Hangoverville.

I left the party early last night because I was on Mommy Duty.

He was poured out of a cab at my doorstep a mere two hours later with whiskey on his breath.

I let him out of my sight for 2 short hours and now I have two babies to care for today.

One of them is going to be severely neglected. The 38 year old one.

Go ahead, call the authorities on me. Have him removed from my care.

Are there foster homes for 38 year old men??