Giving credit where credit is due?

I have come here numerous times today to write this post but each and every time, Ruby has had other plans for me.

And now it's after 4pm on a Friday and I'm tired and I have dinner to cook and sheets to take out of the dryer and throw on the bed so this isn't going to be the post that I had originally planned.

In summary I wanted to say that although I joke about Steve a bit here and I tease him about the things he does or doesn't do, I just wanted to say that he did a kickass job taking care of business last night when I went out for a couple of drinks with some of my mommy friends.

I got home at about 11pm and there was a light left on for me (I have previously come home to complete blackness). He was waiting up for me (I have previously come home to him out cold). Ruby was in bed sound asleep with her jammies on (I have previously come home to either her still being awake or her sleeping in her bed with nothing but a t-shirt and a bib!!! on). Ruby's bottles were all washed, the kitchen was clean and the dishwasher had been unloaded and reloaded (previously... well... you get the picture).

Had I been able to write this earlier today, this would have been the end of the post. I might have said something about how nice it is to be able to go out with some girls and have a break and come home to things being just the way they would be if I had stayed home. I would have said how impressed I am with Steve and how kind and sweet he is and that he's a good dad and a good husband... which he is...

But then this afternoon, once again it all became clear to me with one simple question:

"You don't mind if I go fishing for the day this weekend, do you???"