Conscious effort

On Sunday evening Steve and I decided to set a mini goal of losing *2lbs each by this coming Saturday.

Actually I said that I was setting that goal for myself and Steve decided to come along for the ride. He will probably cut out a piece of toast in the mornings and the 2lbs will just fall off him and probably even a couple more. Dink.

Anyways, back to me... The challenge that I made for myself was to see if I could lose this 2lbs without following a plan. (Like Weight Watchers.) I wanted to see if I could lose 2lbs simply by being conscious of what I'm doing. Like consciously making healthy choices, ramping up my exercise level (I've slacked lately), only eating when I'm hungry and only until I'm satisfied.

Is it possible for me to lose weight without using the crutch of a "program"?

Should be easy enough (for most people I suppose it would be), but yesterday I found that while I was waiting for dinner to cook, I kept peeking inside the fridge, looking for something to snack on. I was a little bit hungry but... I was cooking my dinner so really there was no reason I couldn't wait 30 minutes.

Normally I would have been all grabby snacky before dinner. I could have had something and called it an "appetizer".

And dinner was really good, really comforting. And after I was done eating it I really wanted another little scoop of mashed potatoes and another slice of roast beef and some gravy (oddly enough I wasn't craving more green beans or carrots). And if I was still hungry I could have had a little more. But in all honesty it wasn't true hunger that was calling me back to the mashed potatoes, I just wanted to keep eating. So I stopped myself.

This morning when Ruby's little voice called out through the baby monitor bright and early at 6am, I groaned and thought about using the 2 hours before Steve had to be at work, by squeezing out another hour or so of sleep while he took care of her - but instead I hauled my ass out of bed and threw on the runners and went for a jog. Ohhhh how baaaaadly I wanted to sleep more this morning. But I know damn well that the early morning is the only time during my day that is available for me to jog. And so I forced myself to do it. It's been too long since my last jog and the longer I go in between jogs, the harder it is to get going again.

In a few minutes I'm going out to the kitchen to cut up the veggies that I will steam for my lunch. I would really rather just make a simple grilled cheese (or better yet, go to Tim Hortons for a sandwich) and if I didn't consciously make an effort to eat something healthy, my day would get away from me and then next thing I know I'd have no time to make anything healthy. So I'll get on it now, while I have an extra minute.

This shit is all psychological. I get busy or bored or emotional or tired or whatever during the day and I don't think about what I'm eating or how much. So this week, I'm trying to be conscious of everything and see if I can shave off a couple of pounds.

Good, bad or ugly - I will post the results of this little experiment once it's over.

*This is not an additional 2lbs to the weight I've already lost, this is 2lbs of I'm-enjoying-my-summer weight that re-appeared over the past little while.