This morning I was reading my novel, and a very brief part of the novel was about a woman's cat whom she had found starving as a kitten and she nursed it back to health and kept it as a pet until it died years later (and she was so devastated that she emptied her fridge contents onto a table and consumed them).

It got me thinking about cats and how I had wanted a cat so badly for the past five years to replace my beloved Dakota who died only 6 weeks before my wedding. An untimely and very unpleasant death.

But cats are expensive if you buy them in the pet store nowadays. I purchased Dakota 13 years ago, for $20 in a pet store. Any pet store I have dared to peer into in the past few years is selling their donated, barn cats for upwards of $200 - $400. Ridiculous and wrong.

Anyways, I'm no longer all that interested in owning a cat but I started thinking, "What would make me get a cat now?" And my mind decided that that if I ever found an abandoned kitten or if a cat showed up at my house and wouldn't leave, that I would consider keeping it.

Just a fleeting thought, brought on by a paragraph read in a novel.

Until I went out for a walk with a friend this afternoon. I was gone a couple of hours, and when I returned? There was a small cat sleeping on my front stoop.

I kid you not.

It sat up and looked at me when we strolled in the driveway. No hurry to leave until I talked to it and thought about petting it. Then it got up and stood just out of my reach, staring at me. Then it ran away - so no, in case you were wondering, I don't have a new pet.

But if it comes back...

Sometimes I think the Universe can see into my mind and plays tricks on me.