Steve McNair Is Dead

There's not a whole lot you can say that. Steve McNair, 3-time Pro Bowler loved by Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans fans, is dead.

He was shot dead at his home in Nashville. He was 36.

No-one can give us any answers about who killed him, if there's been an arrest, who why it may have happened.

But unfortunately, Steve McNair's name has just been added to a long list of people who have been killed by guns. McNair was famous, but there are thousands of others who are just "statistics".

McNair will be missed by everyone - from the NFL community to the NCAA community (he starred at Alcorn State) and most of all, by those close to him who loved him. They - like us - will be asking "Why, Why, Why?".

For crying out loud, can't people put down their guns. Can't we stop this senseless killing of one another? We're human beings, for Chrissake. We don't need to treat each other like this. We can't continue this pattern of bloodshed.

Let's hope that McNair brings thousands to the streets all over America, asking for the killing to stop. Let's hope Barack Obama and Senators across American to plough millions into the battle against gun crime.

There's a line from The Wire (slightly abridged) that made me think: "You know the difference between real wars and the war on drugs? Wars end." Well, substitute war on drugs for war on gun crime, and you catch my drift.

But back to McNair. I've got nothing but to say I'm shocked and I'm praying for his family.