I woke up this morning and decided that I wasn't cool with the weight plateau that I've been sitting on for the past few weeks and that I was going to stop fucking around with the diet and get serious again.

Although I have been faithfully jogging every morning, five days a week - I have also been following Weight Watchers fairly closely... five days a week. Which leaves two days a week that I've kind of been having "freebie" days. And while that's ok once in a while, it's become too much of a habit for me lately. I mean, come Saturday / Sunday (occasionally Friday night and/or Monday) I don't really even try.

Wednesday marks the first day of a new WW week for me - which means it's also weigh in day. I either lost 0.8lbs this week or I gained 0.2lbs (depending on where I stand on my scales - I need new ones.). 0.8 would be an ok loss, but I could do better.

So I once again laced up my running shoes at 6:55am this morning and went for my morning jog. I then had scrambled egg whites for breakfast, and a chicken & cucumber sandwich (on WW bread) for lunch. After lunch I got kind of bored so I decided to burn extra calories and walk to the veterinarians office and pick up a bag of dog food. On the way back, we swung into the Shoppers Drug Mart to get some soap. Upon getting to the checkout, I encountered a sign that said:
All Chocolate Bars .50 cents. NO LIMITS!!

And so, I am now the proud new owner of this:

Why I needed to buy EIGHT of them, I'm not too sure.

I suppose I'll add them to my *stash of potato chips (which were on sale last week).

*Steve is unaware that I have any sort of stash -which is why I still have a stash at all. Therefore: This message will self destruct!