Need a tow?

I am all about chicks who can do a "man's" job - I myself used to operate a road packer (yes, the big ones you see on those repaving jobs on the highways) for my dad's road construction company - however I strongly believe that if you're going to do it, for the sake of women everywhere, please do it well! There is nothing more humiliating than a woman trying to do a "man's" job and sucking at it. It just gives us all a bad name and reaffirms the notion that we should all be at home raising babies, painting our nails and cooking meals.

Today as I was sitting in the heavenly cool air conditioned climate that is Tim Hortons, sharing my tea biscuit with Ruby, I witnessed one such act of humiliation to womankind. It started when I heard one Tims worker asking another, "What's the hold up here?" And that worker replied, "We're waiting for this person to get to the drive thru window."

I look out the window at the drive thru and there is a big, fancy tow truck - stuck - in the drive thru.

And who is driving it? A woman.

Oh god, I thought. Please just quickly get yourself out of there and move on.

But it wasn't to be so.

This broad was completely useless behind the wheel of this rig. She managed to back up and drive right up on top of a meridian in the drive thru. The back wheel was spinning as she gunned it trying to get out of her predicament, all the while trying to light her cigarette and flicking her hair back and forth over her shoulders.

Lady, put the dart down and pay attention to what you are doing.

A man got out of his car behind her and tried directing her on which way to turn, when to back up, when to stop. It didn't help. She wasn't going anywhere.

By this time the drive thru was backed right up. Everyone inside was staring and talking about her. I was ashamed of her.

Eventually she hopped out of the truck, wearing a black dress, make-up thick enough to rival Tammy Faye, the ciggy hanging from her lips and also she may have been pregnant or she may have had a pretty good beer belly going on. I'm hoping for the latter considering the way she was hauling on that smoke.

After some time, every single car in the drive thru had to back out (and by this time that was quite a few cars). And some man had to come and hop in her truck and back it all the way out of the drive thru for her while she made "eff you!" faces at people who were annoyed with her. (Oh my god I would have been in a murderous rage had I been waiting in that line-up in a vehicle without a/c.)

She, apparently didn't seem to be too embarrassed by the whole thing though. Because after the restaurant was filled with angry people who just waited 20 minutes in the drive thru for their iced cappuccinos and were now getting them from the counter, she waltzed in and ordered herself a drink and then left.

If that were me? I would have driven away as fast and as far as that tow truck could go and I would have probably NEVER gone to another Tim Hortons for as long as I lived. The least she could have done was buy everyone their coffees.

And also - I can't imagine she would be very good at actually towing someone out of a predicament??? Right?

I'm pretty sure that this little escapade just set women back a good ten years.