I've had a lot going on...

Hard to believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. I think that's a record for me - if not, then it's close. I got side tracked and sucked in by life and have had a bit of blogger's block.

* My usually happy-go-lucky, easy-to-please, piece-of-cake baby has been really whiny and cranky and miserable the past month or so. She refuses to eat solids, doesn't like napping anymore and doesn't want to go down to bed at night. She doesn't want to be alone, she doesn't want to be held. It's so frustrating to know something is bothering her but there is nothing I can do to help her.

* After a bit of an "incident" I came to the realization that I had to find Quincy a new home. She would not adjust to having Ruby around and she got pretty nasty with other little kids. The whole thing caused some major grief in this house and some riffs between Steve and I. There were many tears shed. Thankfully Steve's parents decided to take her. We were both so relieved because we know how much they love her and how well she will be cared for. And also we can still see her.

* I was so happy and relieved about the above, that last Tuesday evening I sat down to have a cocktail and ended up having too many cocktails. I was so deathly sick the next day that I begged Steve not to go to work. Apparently I didn't beg hard enough because he went to work and I was left to care for a 7 month old baby and the worse hangover I've had in about 2 years. It totally kicked my feet out from under me and took a few days to recover completely. (Physical hangover lasts about a day. Emotional hangover lasts a few extra days.)

* Because I've had such trouble with Ruby's refusal to nap, I have been letting her nap on my bed. For some reason it's the only place she can have a really good, long nap. Well on Saturday morning I put her down for a nap and she nodded off and I left the room and was gone for about 2 minutes when I heard a THUMP. And then screaming. She scooted herself off my bed (despite the blockade of pillows surrounding her). We have hardwood floors. She got a huge bump on her forehead and a nasty bruise. I was consumed with guilt and felt so bad for my little monkey. It sucked the life out me for the entire day.

* And that was the day that we were to leave on a camping trip. Not a good start to the trip that I was leery of taking in the first place.

* We arrived at our camping destination on Saturday evening when it was pitch black outside and there was a huge thunder/lightening/rain storm. Not exactly prime conditions for setting up a tent. Luckily our friends have a motorhome which they were kind enough to give up for us. Turns out there was no place to even pitch a tent so we used the motor home for the entire 4 days. Even though our friends said they didn't mind, I still felt guilty about it the whole time. I like to be independent and take care of myself.

* I'm just going to go ahead and say it right here and now - camping with a baby is just not my thing. It's hard to not have your regular stuff with you when the baby won't eat/sleep/nap/play like she does at home. It's hard to have to wash bottles a couple times a day when you don't have much water, and even less hot water. It's stressful to worry about your fellow campers when the baby wakes up unexpectedly at 4am and is fussing and you can't get her back to sleep. It's tiring when you don't sleep well because of all of this yet you still have to find a way to function. It's just not a good time for me, it's not relaxing and it would seem that nobody really understands that (although Steve seems to have a better appreciation for it since he helped out quite a bit on this last trip).

* And wouldn't you know it, Ruby cut her first tooth while we were camping. I'm thrilled that we finally got a tooth but the timing couldn't have been worse. This does explain why she's been out of sorts for the past month or more. I knew it was coming, it just took a really long time.

* Currently we are in the middle of a scorching heat wave - with no end in sight. The inside of my house is so hot, I cannot stand it. I don't do well in the heat and really don't care for any extended period of heat to this degree. I find it really hard to function.

* In an effort to regain some normalcy in my life, I got up this morning and took Ruby on a super long walk. I didn't wake up early enough to jog but I wanted to get out and get some exercise before it got ridiculous hot outside. (It was scorching at 7:20am though). I am now catching up on laundry, preparing some healthy meals (ate like shit while camping), drinking lots of water to stay (get) hydrated. AND... BLOGGING.

This isn't really the kind of post that I normally like to write, but I needed to get it out and to write something to get my bloggy mojo going again.