Five Things We're Cheering On This Off-Season

1) The NCAA vs Florida State

We've heard that Florida State are once again appealing against the fact that the NCAA wants them to vacate as many as 14 games for 'Cheatgate', saying that because they acted properly, they should be let off. Isn't that kind of saying: "I'm sorry we got caught cheating, but now we are behaving ourselves, can you let us off?"

There's obviously a different reason: If FSU even gets the losses reduced to, say, 10, it'll still mean that Joe Paterno's got a considerable lead against Bobby Bowden in wins history.

2) The police to find some sense

I'm beginning to realise that it might not all be about the athletes getting arrested - the police aren't too cool, either. Let's give an example: I was pissed to find out that Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins had signed a deferred prosecution agreement for his part in a fight, where he was charged with being midemeanour affray and resisting arrest without violence. Isn't the second part of that called arguing your case? I'm beginning to realise that football players are getting arrested simply because of their status, rather than really doing a whole lot wrong. Are they being targeted? That's your decision.

3) The Senate

The Senate are once again investigating the Bowl Championship Series over antitrust problems. This is the second time - Let's make some changes! A play-off would be fun! And Barack Obama might not talk about it in his 2012 re-election promises!

4) Penn State recruiting

After news came out that the Nittany Lions signed 3-star recruit Daquan Jones and things are going pretty nicely for the 2010 class. It's still early - but it's OK to dream about the Alabama Crimson Tide game in 2010, isn't it?

5) The SEC Soap-Opera

If there's anything more fun that the mutual dislike between SEC sides (particularly in the SEC East), then we'd like to say. Let's just say that Lane Kiffin has just reignited the UT-Florida rivalry, and even former Alabama players get some attention (Andre Smith's adventures continue to make us laugh).

6) More Thriller Dances

Here's some love to Michael Jackson fans from the Nittany Lion

Roll on September!