Combo Post - with pictures

Wednesday morning I got my hair cut short for the first time since...

"The Great Hair Disaster of '03"

This time I have a kickass hairdresser who is around my age, is heavily tattooed and lives in the city. I've been seeing her for 5 years and she and I communicate well (like when I say I want a cute, shortish haircut - she knows not to make me look like a giant Q-tip).
She makes me look like this:

Wednesday was also Canada Day.

Ruby was excited to celebrate her 1st Canada Day:

And then Thursday was our 5 year wedding anniversary. I had fully intended on doing an "anniversary" post yesterday, but I was too busy trying to pretend I wasn't hungover after I celebrated Canada Day just a little too "enthusiastically" on Wednesday evening. (Note to self: Fireball shooters are not for women who have to get up at 6am with a 6 month old baby.)

(Also note to self: Stop at ONE shooter, not three).

However, I did manage to get my wedding album out yesterday and reminisce a little. Here's a couple wedding pictures for your interest:
I must say that I may not look like I did 5 years ago - I wear more wrinkles around my eyes and more pounds around my waist - but I am a million times happier and more settled and confident and content than I could have ever pretended to be back then. I love myself (except when I have too many Fireball shots) and I love my husband and I love the life we've worked SO HARD to create. I wouldn't trade my extra pounds or new wrinkles for any other life.