College Football Live: The Good Bits and The Bad Bits

As someone who is currently living in the desert of college football news, ESPN's "College Football Live" is a welcome arrival every day, giving me an excuse to watch tons of clips, get some education about college football, and get a tour around the 50 states and try and work out why I should care about football in the State of Washington this year.

The Good Bits

The news stuff is great: You can't go wrong with a Sportscenter-style start, where you get the CFB headlines for the day. It's always appreciated.

The clips: It's always nice to see great athletes from the past 'do their thing'. Throwing in the partisan commentary - Boise State's win over Oklahoma still takes some beating, and you can't help but root for every school they follow.

The 'How will they do this year'?:Getting people like Andre Ware to look at a team's schedule and breaking it down is pretty cool. The problem will be when he's picked every team to win/lose one game. At least the VFA has someone else to blame for 2009's BCS screw-up!

The Bad Bits

The clips: It's always nice to see great athletes from the past 'do their thing'. It's nice to see last year's highlights. But when we see Warren Moon running from close range into the end-zone during a Rose Bowl 3 times in 15 minutes - and it was the same play - then it gets on your nerves. Either there are problems in the archiving, or ESPN's peeps are getting lazy. It was the same with the Herschel Walker highlights when ESPN was doing its 'tour of Georgia'.

The 'Sportsnation Poll': I don't mind when people ask about the best player from a certain state. That's fine. But "Was Steve Spurrier's decision to leave Tim Tebow out of the Heisman list deliberate?" I mean, who cares?