We love you, college football offseason!

I love the college football offseason.

Forget results, rankings, and the bloody BCS. We don’t have to talk, bitch and fight about that any more. We don’t have to pelt our team with snowballs after losing at home to Syracuse. We don’t have to call for Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden to retire.

Because, in the college football offseason, everything is perfect.

After all, who cares about last season? You can use the words “Not this year” and look forward to Cocktail Parties, White Outs, and games between Army and Navy. In a world where 1 team is National Champion in the start of January, in August there are well over 100. Critics be damned!

You can rejoice if Phil Steele picks four of your players are picked as pre-season All-Americans (albeit none of them in the top team!). You can tell any of your divisional rivals that THIS will be the year you’ll take home the conference crown. And more’s the case, all of your teams are 12-0 and going to Pasadena this year (it’s the first year for a few that USC actually WANT a Rose Bowl game, right?). And you can high five your friends when you pick up 2010’s ‘Can’t Miss Recruit’ (then pray he doesn’t get arrested/move school on you/decide not to play football any more). Oh, and if your team IS a preseason No.1, then screw the rest of 'em - you've got preseason bragging rights!

Of course, the offseason is also a time to despair, write your team off and hate life in general. Fans in Auburn? You’ve just already given up on new head coach Gene Chizik. Fans of Alabama and Florida State? Give those wins back, baby! Fans of Florida? Can our players stay out of trouble?

I love the offseason. Roll on February 2010.