Serious talk

Yesterday we picked up a blu ray player and a surround sound system for a steal of a deal. Steve's been wanting the surround for some time and I've been wanting the blu ray so when we found this smoking deal for the whole package we bought it. (Well, we didn't technically buy it. We put it on the "never never" plan). So all day yesterday Steve was just beside himself with delight! As soon as we got home, he started ripping into the box, pulling out speakers and wires and parts, and he was deliriously running around the living room holding up various electronic components. So I left him to have his little "man moment" with his new toy and I came into the computer room to read blogs.

About twenty minutes later, he suddenly appeared at the door of the computer room with a serious look on his face. He walked into the room and sat down beside me. He put one hand on my knee and looked into my eyes and said, "Honey, we have some big decisions to make... "

Now, I've known Steve for a very long time. Almost 10 years. And in that time I've learned a lot about him. One thing? He doesn't do well with "serious" talks. No big heart-to-hearts for him. If I start discussing something serious with him, I can see him panic and glaze over and he brushes me off with "Don't worry about it." or "It'll be fine" or "We'll find the money somewhere" or "She means nothing to me" and then he looks for the quickest exit. (Just kidding on that last one).

So with this sudden serious and sombre mood that I've so rarely seen in him, I panicked. What could this be about? Does he want to try to have another baby already? Are we going bankrupt? Is he thinking about quitting his job? Does he want me to go back to work already?

My heart was racing. I knew this would be big...

And then he pulled the surround sound manual out of his pocket and showed it to me. "We can either put the speakers on these here stands, or we can mount them on the wall. What do you think we should do?"

Yes, people. A decision needed to be made about the positioning of speakers.

Life or death.

Almost his death.