Graduation Day

I remember when I was finishing Grade 7 - going into high school the next year for Grade 8, our school made a really big deal about "Grade 7 Grad". I mean, there was a ceremony and there was a dance and there was a dress. Oh god, the dress. I remember shopping for the dress like I might get married in it (perhaps I could have, it was white and poofy and lacy and very fancy). I may or may not have even had my hair done at the hairdresser that day. There were professional photos taken. It was that big of a deal.

And then the whole "grad" thing really started to take off. Besides the Grade 7 Grads, I started to hear of other ridiculous graduation ceremonies. Like kindergarten grad! And even preschool grad! Parents that I worked with would have to leave work for a few hours in the afternoon to attend their child's kindergarten grad? Really??? I remember rolling my eyes and thinking, "Wow. People are really letting this grad thing get out of control."

Of course it was ridiculous and out of control then. And for other people.

But you would understand if I told you it's totally different now that there's Ruby, right?

Because today, we take it one step further. Today, Ruby graduates from Babydaze (our Mommy/Baby group). We've been going to this group faithfully every Wednesday since she was 10 weeks old. Now that she's 6 months old, it's time to move on (and get a life). So they hold a little grad ceremony for the graduating babies. There are diplomas and food and drinks (not my kind of drinks) and cake. I am right now deciding if she should wear a dress or not...

I realize that perhaps having a grad ceremony at only 6 months old, is probably setting the bar for many more "grads" and other such events to come. But having just celebrated her "1/2 birthday" complete with cake and balloons, I'm pretty sure that Pandora's Box has already been opened.

Oh, and I made her this hat. Have I gone too far?