Double Trouble

There are TWO things burning in this brain of mine today and I need to post about both of them. So you, my readers get a double dose of Tarable!

1. BC Hydro

A couple of weeks ago I got a nasty letter from them saying that we had an amount outstanding and if we didn't pay immediately they would take further action. The amount outstanding was $23. Really? Really BC Hydro? Cuz that's just lame.

And then today, we got our latest BC Hydro bill in the mail. My eyes just about bugged out of my head when I opened it to find that we owed $535!!!! What the fuuuuuck? I went over the bill, looking to see if it was possible that the interest on our outstanding $23 was $500. Nope, it seems that suddenly, in the past month Steve and I have quadrupled the amount of hydro that we use! Shouldn't the cops be knocking on my door with a search warrant, looking for the "secret garden" in the basement???

Steve phoned them today to ask them, "What the hell?". He actually said, "We don't have a grow-op. Why is our bill so high???"

Well it turns out the dude that comes to read the meter read it wrong. Wrote down the wrong number. So our account will be credited. The woman told Steve that they had actually "flagged" our account.

They flagged it but didn't think twice about sending out a bill for more than $500???

Do any humans work there or are they all robots???

2. Road Rage

*sigh* Yes, another post about road rage. But this time, I wasn't the rager. I made someone else rage.

You see, I did something really terrible while I was driving today. I changed lanes.


Yes, I did do the lane change legally. I even used my indicator. But what I didn't realize was that the man in the car that was in that lane - 4 car lengths back (yes I had plenty of room) apparently OWNS that lane of the road. So when he saw me changing lanes, I actually heard his engine rev up so he could try to squeeze me out! And then he honked his horn at me. I gave him the standard Tarable "courtesy wave" and then gave my most condescending shake of the head.

I did have my daughter in the car with me, which prevented me from taking further action. So I continued to drive the speed limit while he rode up my ass and made obscene gestures.

When I pulled into a turning lane to head home, this gentleman raced up to the side of my car - where he could CLEARLY see my baby and he yelled out his window to call me a... C*NT!!!
(He didn't call me a "cent" or a "cant" so... insert appropriate vowel.)

I took the high road and went quietly home (instead of chasing the putrid excuse for a man down, bumping his car and then driving into his fat body when he got out to challenge me), because I am a mature adult now, who had a daughter in the vehicle. And also because I drive a station wagon and his car was bigger and tougher than mine.