Why Worry?

Alfred E. Neuman. My favorite sports fan. He never worries, after all. But as a college football fan, I'm a natural worrier - particularly if it's about Penn State football.  Here's what I'm worrying about as a PSU fan - and if I was a fan of any other team below. 

If I'm a Penn State fan, I'd be worried about the fact that there's no wide receiver for Darryl Clark to throw to in 2010.

Georgia: Whether the new quarterback-running back combination will be anything as good as the Matt Stafford- Knowshoun Moreno one. If not, we're in trouble...

LSU: If quarterback Jarrett "INT" Lee could connect with his own player instead of the opposing defensive backs - and he'd also worry about whether LSU's non-show against Georgia and Florida was just a blimp, or 2009 might be as bad.

Fans in the State of Washington: Worrying whether 2009 could possibly be as bad as 2008. 

USC: Never mind Ohio State on the third game of the season - how about when Pete Carroll's boys turn up to Autzen Stadium on Hallowe'en? 

Ohio State: USC coming to town on the third game of the season. Oh, and the small game at Happy Valley towards the end of it.

Tennessee: Whether there will be enough of my team left once Lane Kiffin's finished kicking everybody out. The way he's going, it's touch and go.

Texas: What those f***ers at Oklahoma are up to.

Oklahoma: What those f***ers at Texas are up to.

Oklahoma and Texas: What those f***ers at the Big XII are up to.

Texas A&M/Oklahoma State/ Texas Tech: Whether Texas and Oklahoma will ever be bad enough to give us a  Big XII title chance!

Texas Tech (2): Whether there's life after Michael Crabtree. And if it could be any more as entertaining.

Ole Miss: That maybe the partying got too much for me during 2008 and the Jan 1 Bowl win and victory at Florida was, in fact, a game my mind was playing on me. 

Michigan: The way the economy's going, there are bigger things to worry about in the State of Michigan - like homes, jobs.......and the new quarterback.

Michigan State/Iowa: Life without a prime-time running back.

West Virginia: What life will be without Pat White.

Florida: Whether T-God can make it 3 National Championships in four years. And how much damage the departure of Percy Harvin will do to the team.

Florida State: How 'Cheatgate' will fully affect the team.

Alabama: How good will Nick Saban be with a new quarterback, a new offensive line, and a new running back? 

Notre Dame: With Jesus, Charlie and Jimmy (not necessarily in that order) in charge, why worry?