Weekly Update

In the past week:

~ I got over the Canucks. (sorta)

~ Ruby rolled from front to back for the first time!!! (Yay Ruby! SO exciting for us)

~ I had an ingrown toenail that required a surgical procedure to repair (ouch)

~ Our toilet broke.

~ I had a migraine.

~ I lost a measly 0.4lbs for the second week in a row (ripoff).

~ Ruby had her first mega-meltdown (bru-tal).

~ I made some wicked-good homemade BBQ'd hamburgers with brie cheese and a deadly-good warm potato salad - non traditional style (no mayo), all sans recipe.

~ I finished reading the Twilight series (I never thought I'd admit to that).

~ And Steve just started 10 days of vacation time and the three of us are about to head out on a mid-week, mini-vacay (which we are looking very forward to).