Lately I have been tired and unmotivated and run down and worried and sidetracked and putting things off.

But... Tomorrow starts a new day.

Tomorrow Steve goes back to work after having 10 days off.

Tomorrow I will try to get back into a routine.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and even though I know I will not have lost any weight, I will have a number to move forward with after being somewhat wayward for the past week or two.

Tomorrow I will start weighing and measuring and walking and exercising and drinking more water again.

Tomorrow I will go to the "mommy group" with Ruby after missing last week.

Tomorrow I will attempt to make an appointment with a doctor that I heard is taking new patients.

Tomorrow I hope to finally be rid of this headache.

Tomorrow I hope Ruby is feeling better.

Tomorrow I will do my hair and put on makeup.

Tomorrow I will start researching daycare for December when I go back to work.

Tomorrow I will clean my bathroom.
(Ok, that might be pushing it)