Today (in response to yesterday's post)

Today Steve did go back to work after having 10 days off (he said he was looking forward to it - what does that say about me??)

Today I started back into my old routine (cooking, cleaning, solo parenting during the day, etc, etc)

Today I weighed in and I've actually LOST weight. Only a half a pound but hey, it's not the gain that I was expecting! This was a bright spot in my day.

Today I started weighing and measuring my food again. And drinking more water (not just extra ice cubes in my cocktails). And I went for a walk - a good long, stroller-pushing, uphill walk.

Today I went to the "mommy group" and learned a lot about car safety and I'm thankful that we've not been in an accident because we were doing some things wrong with the car seat.

Today I spent WAY too much of my time on the computer and on the phone trying desperately to find a doctor within a 100km radius that is taking new patients. I have been unsuccessful thus far.

Today my headache is still hanging on. I'm hitting the Tylenol bottle pretty hard.

Today Ruby is DEFINITELY feeling better. She's back to her old self. She proved this by mouthing off and trying to out talk the guest speaker at the mommy group today. If they didn't before, everyone knows who Ruby is now.

Today I put on makeup and did my hair. Note: Simply Ageless Foundation makes me look Simply 55. I will not be buying it a second time.

Today I started looking into daycare, however because I spent so much of my "Ruby napping time" looking for a doctor, I haven't been able to put too much time into finding the daycare but I do have some websites to look at now.

Today I did NOT clean my bathroom - that was definitely overshooting my goals.