Notes from a mid-week mini-vacay

~ I said I didn't care if it rained because we were going on this little trip anyways. If I hung my hopes on sunshine I might be disappointed. I will admit however, that it was just a teensy weensy little bit irritating that the place was socked in with black clouds and heavy rain for two and a half days and besides from a half hour of evening sunshine, the sun didn't come out until we were driving past the "Thank you for visiting. Please come again" sign.

~ I will be closely watching Steve's diet the next time we go away to ensure he doesn't have any "upsets" and doesn't spend the first 4 hours of our vacation in the bathroom or very close to the bathroom.

~ Note to the hotel: When you advertise a package that includes a "chilled bottle of wine in the room upon arrival", you can probably do a little better than this:
~ Upon arrival we were notified that none of the room keys worked and every time we left our room and wanted back in we would have to be escorted to our room and let in by hotel staff. This went on for two days before the keys were finally fixed and we could let ourselves into our own room. This caused Steve great stress - not because of the extreme inconvenience it caused us, but because the extreme inconvenience it caused us caused me to be extremely pissed off every time we wanted into our room, and I voiced my "concerns" to each and every hotel employee that was within earshot. Anytime we came in contact with hotel staff, Steve would quickly walk away with his head down while saying, "pleasebenice, pleasebenice, pleasebenice...."

~ We found this bottle of wine in the cold beer store: Thanks, we think so!

(Yes, I realize the grammar isn't perfect. Don't kill my buzz).

~ When a hotel brochure boasts about a mineral pool, one shouldn't assume that the pool is actually in the hotel like I did. The pool referred to by the hotel was actually the public pool and it was located a block down the street and it cost $17 for two adults and one baby to use it. It also cost me my retinas because the pool was filled with doughy white, overweight, liver-spot covered, scantily clad senior citizens.

~ I realized that I am obsessed with all things "Ruby" and made Steve drive us halfway to Hope just so we could get some pictures of this creek:

~ Despite the few minor "setbacks" we had a great time.