In tune

Last night I was quietly eating my dinner with Steve while a memory suddenly popped into my head. I started thinking about sometime last year, early-ish in my pregnancy when I got a fierce craving for a big, fluffy, delicious cupcake. Not one to deny myself anything while I was pregnant, I had Steve drive me all the way down to the west end of Vancouver to Cupcakes, where I took about a half an hour to select just the right cupcake to quell my craving.

(Ok, truth be known, I actually picked out two delicious cupcakes - I ate one on the drive back home and one when we actually got home. And a few days later we made the trip again and I bought a 6-pack to keep in the freezer for "emergencies". )

So I was quietly, silently thinking back to this memory, eating my dinner when suddenly Steve looked at me and said, "Hey do you feel like a cupcake?"

I swear to God he did.

Of course I was all over him about it - demanding to know WHY he said that? WHY he was thinking about cupcakes??? He simply said that the weather was nice and he suddenly just felt like going for a drive and thought that a cupcake would be nice.

Sometimes... sometimes, we are so very in tune with each other.

PS: I am still battling on with WW and did NOT opt for the cupcake trip last night.