In tune

Last night I was quietly eating my dinner with Steve while a memory suddenly popped into my head. I started thinking about sometime last year, early-ish in my pregnancy when I got a fierce craving for a big, fluffy, delicious cupcake. Not one to deny myself anything while I was pregnant, I had Steve drive me all the way down to the west end of Vancouver to Cupcakes, where I took about a half an hour to select just the right cupcake to quell my craving.

(Ok, truth be known, I actually picked out two delicious cupcakes - I ate one on the drive back home and one when we actually got home. And a few days later we made the trip again and I bought a 6-pack to keep in the freezer for "emergencies". )

So I was quietly, silently thinking back to this memory, eating my dinner when suddenly Steve looked at me and said, "Hey do you feel like a cupcake?"

I swear to God he did.

Of course I was all over him about it - demanding to know WHY he said that? WHY he was thinking about cupcakes??? He simply said that the weather was nice and he suddenly just felt like going for a drive and thought that a cupcake would be nice.

Sometimes... sometimes, we are so very in tune with each other.

PS: I am still battling on with WW and did NOT opt for the cupcake trip last night.

Today (in response to yesterday's post)

Today Steve did go back to work after having 10 days off (he said he was looking forward to it - what does that say about me??)

Today I started back into my old routine (cooking, cleaning, solo parenting during the day, etc, etc)

Today I weighed in and I've actually LOST weight. Only a half a pound but hey, it's not the gain that I was expecting! This was a bright spot in my day.

Today I started weighing and measuring my food again. And drinking more water (not just extra ice cubes in my cocktails). And I went for a walk - a good long, stroller-pushing, uphill walk.

Today I went to the "mommy group" and learned a lot about car safety and I'm thankful that we've not been in an accident because we were doing some things wrong with the car seat.

Today I spent WAY too much of my time on the computer and on the phone trying desperately to find a doctor within a 100km radius that is taking new patients. I have been unsuccessful thus far.

Today my headache is still hanging on. I'm hitting the Tylenol bottle pretty hard.

Today Ruby is DEFINITELY feeling better. She's back to her old self. She proved this by mouthing off and trying to out talk the guest speaker at the mommy group today. If they didn't before, everyone knows who Ruby is now.

Today I put on makeup and did my hair. Note: Simply Ageless Foundation makes me look Simply 55. I will not be buying it a second time.

Today I started looking into daycare, however because I spent so much of my "Ruby napping time" looking for a doctor, I haven't been able to put too much time into finding the daycare but I do have some websites to look at now.

Today I did NOT clean my bathroom - that was definitely overshooting my goals.


Lately I have been tired and unmotivated and run down and worried and sidetracked and putting things off.

But... Tomorrow starts a new day.

Tomorrow Steve goes back to work after having 10 days off.

Tomorrow I will try to get back into a routine.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and even though I know I will not have lost any weight, I will have a number to move forward with after being somewhat wayward for the past week or two.

Tomorrow I will start weighing and measuring and walking and exercising and drinking more water again.

Tomorrow I will go to the "mommy group" with Ruby after missing last week.

Tomorrow I will attempt to make an appointment with a doctor that I heard is taking new patients.

Tomorrow I hope to finally be rid of this headache.

Tomorrow I hope Ruby is feeling better.

Tomorrow I will do my hair and put on makeup.

Tomorrow I will start researching daycare for December when I go back to work.

Tomorrow I will clean my bathroom.
(Ok, that might be pushing it)

How SEC football can improve (even more)

Yes, SEC fans.

You've got the crowds.

You've got the traditions, where everyone but Jesus seems to do a walk or two before a game.

You've certainly got the tailgating.

But there's some aspects you guys could certainly expand and lead the way in the college football world.

1. Get more diverse. Like the rest of the NCAA, actually.

I know this sounds shocking, but since Buddy Croom quietly left Mississippi State, no-one's really talked about a possible black coach in the SEC. And there doesn't seem to be one on the horizon, either.

The VFA knows the Southeastern Conference isn't alone - the NCAA world of college football isn't exactly a poster child for diversity (three black coaches out of a possible 117= ouch!) and frankly needs to improve. But SEC Football has led the way in terms of football, why not give more black coaches or possible assistants a chance? According to a Bleacher Report report, only a smidgeon of African Americans are in assistants or co-ordinators.

2. Sort out the recruiting issues

A week doesn't seem to roll by when Tennessee's self-reporting a recruiting violation. Or bitching at the University of Florida. Georgia avoided one last year. Or there are other recruiting issues that darken the SEC's door that we don't know about - and quite frankly, don't want to. It's time to gather every coach together and read the schools the riot act before the NCAA does. Books like Meat Market haven't exactly given good PR to SEC coaches and their recruiting. And again, leading the way against the other conferences might go some way to resurrecting the SEC's reputation.

3. Improve the academics

In 2008, the SEC was bottom in the major conference graduation success rate list, with only 60.5% of teams' players graduating. Kudos to Vanderbilt (91%) and Florida (68%), while the rest of them really weren't a whole lot to smile about. Georgia's was a surprising 48%. What can be done to help SEC footballers put academics first. After all, one injury in the NFL and these players will soon realise why the NFL stands for "Not For Long". These kids need to graduate.

4. Cut out the crime

Although this column made plenty of jokes about Penn State football, it's been more than a little boring seeing the headline [ADD SEC SCHOOL'S NAME HERE] arrested". Urban Meyer's seen 22 of his players arrested. Alabama, Tennessee, LSU and Georgia have hardly been wonderful on that front in the past. It's even happened at the house of the Oxford plaid - Ole Miss. While it might be funny for journalists and haters of [ADD SEC SCHOOL'S NAME HERE] the disciplinary problems aren't just an embarassment, they may well turn into a liability. The people might say: "But who cares? Little Johnny Running Back's going to go into the NFL after he finishes college." He might well do, but if if he's been arrested 401 times, then he's probably got a better chance playing in front of the (guard) dogs in the pound, rather than the Dogg Pound, if you catch my drift.

That's really it.

Listen, SEC lovers, your conference is still one of the best - if not THE best - that college football has to offer. If you could graduate more players, get less people arrested, sort out the recruiting issues and hire a couple of black coaches you guys would be the truly envy of the college football world.

Notes from a mid-week mini-vacay

~ I said I didn't care if it rained because we were going on this little trip anyways. If I hung my hopes on sunshine I might be disappointed. I will admit however, that it was just a teensy weensy little bit irritating that the place was socked in with black clouds and heavy rain for two and a half days and besides from a half hour of evening sunshine, the sun didn't come out until we were driving past the "Thank you for visiting. Please come again" sign.

~ I will be closely watching Steve's diet the next time we go away to ensure he doesn't have any "upsets" and doesn't spend the first 4 hours of our vacation in the bathroom or very close to the bathroom.

~ Note to the hotel: When you advertise a package that includes a "chilled bottle of wine in the room upon arrival", you can probably do a little better than this:
~ Upon arrival we were notified that none of the room keys worked and every time we left our room and wanted back in we would have to be escorted to our room and let in by hotel staff. This went on for two days before the keys were finally fixed and we could let ourselves into our own room. This caused Steve great stress - not because of the extreme inconvenience it caused us, but because the extreme inconvenience it caused us caused me to be extremely pissed off every time we wanted into our room, and I voiced my "concerns" to each and every hotel employee that was within earshot. Anytime we came in contact with hotel staff, Steve would quickly walk away with his head down while saying, "pleasebenice, pleasebenice, pleasebenice...."

~ We found this bottle of wine in the cold beer store: Thanks, we think so!

(Yes, I realize the grammar isn't perfect. Don't kill my buzz).

~ When a hotel brochure boasts about a mineral pool, one shouldn't assume that the pool is actually in the hotel like I did. The pool referred to by the hotel was actually the public pool and it was located a block down the street and it cost $17 for two adults and one baby to use it. It also cost me my retinas because the pool was filled with doughy white, overweight, liver-spot covered, scantily clad senior citizens.

~ I realized that I am obsessed with all things "Ruby" and made Steve drive us halfway to Hope just so we could get some pictures of this creek:

~ Despite the few minor "setbacks" we had a great time.

Weekly Update

In the past week:

~ I got over the Canucks. (sorta)

~ Ruby rolled from front to back for the first time!!! (Yay Ruby! SO exciting for us)

~ I had an ingrown toenail that required a surgical procedure to repair (ouch)

~ Our toilet broke.

~ I had a migraine.

~ I lost a measly 0.4lbs for the second week in a row (ripoff).

~ Ruby had her first mega-meltdown (bru-tal).

~ I made some wicked-good homemade BBQ'd hamburgers with brie cheese and a deadly-good warm potato salad - non traditional style (no mayo), all sans recipe.

~ I finished reading the Twilight series (I never thought I'd admit to that).

~ And Steve just started 10 days of vacation time and the three of us are about to head out on a mid-week, mini-vacay (which we are looking very forward to).

Why Worry?

Alfred E. Neuman. My favorite sports fan. He never worries, after all. But as a college football fan, I'm a natural worrier - particularly if it's about Penn State football.  Here's what I'm worrying about as a PSU fan - and if I was a fan of any other team below. 

If I'm a Penn State fan, I'd be worried about the fact that there's no wide receiver for Darryl Clark to throw to in 2010.

Georgia: Whether the new quarterback-running back combination will be anything as good as the Matt Stafford- Knowshoun Moreno one. If not, we're in trouble...

LSU: If quarterback Jarrett "INT" Lee could connect with his own player instead of the opposing defensive backs - and he'd also worry about whether LSU's non-show against Georgia and Florida was just a blimp, or 2009 might be as bad.

Fans in the State of Washington: Worrying whether 2009 could possibly be as bad as 2008. 

USC: Never mind Ohio State on the third game of the season - how about when Pete Carroll's boys turn up to Autzen Stadium on Hallowe'en? 

Ohio State: USC coming to town on the third game of the season. Oh, and the small game at Happy Valley towards the end of it.

Tennessee: Whether there will be enough of my team left once Lane Kiffin's finished kicking everybody out. The way he's going, it's touch and go.

Texas: What those f***ers at Oklahoma are up to.

Oklahoma: What those f***ers at Texas are up to.

Oklahoma and Texas: What those f***ers at the Big XII are up to.

Texas A&M/Oklahoma State/ Texas Tech: Whether Texas and Oklahoma will ever be bad enough to give us a  Big XII title chance!

Texas Tech (2): Whether there's life after Michael Crabtree. And if it could be any more as entertaining.

Ole Miss: That maybe the partying got too much for me during 2008 and the Jan 1 Bowl win and victory at Florida was, in fact, a game my mind was playing on me. 

Michigan: The way the economy's going, there are bigger things to worry about in the State of Michigan - like homes, jobs.......and the new quarterback.

Michigan State/Iowa: Life without a prime-time running back.

West Virginia: What life will be without Pat White.

Florida: Whether T-God can make it 3 National Championships in four years. And how much damage the departure of Percy Harvin will do to the team.

Florida State: How 'Cheatgate' will fully affect the team.

Alabama: How good will Nick Saban be with a new quarterback, a new offensive line, and a new running back? 

Notre Dame: With Jesus, Charlie and Jimmy (not necessarily in that order) in charge, why worry?

It's over

I have clearly let myself get too "involved" with the Canucks again this year only to have them break my heart (again).

Tonight they lost out of the playoffs. In round 2. I totally expected them to go farther, at least another round.

I almost liked it better when they didn't even make the playoffs. Almost. At least then I didn't get my hopes up quite so high only to have my heart lacerated into shreds by the skate blades of the Chicago Blackhawks.

As for the "lucky" Canuck jersey that Ruby had been wearing... we're not sure why it only worked in the first round, we tried to do everything exactly the same for each game. It is now located at the bottom of the laundry basket, saturated in baby vomit (and mommy tears). Not sure when I'll be strong enough to look at it again, much less wash it.

I will be forever thankful that I was able to watch the game with only Steve and Ruby to witness my grief tonight. We watched the horror unfold from the privacy of our living room, behind closed doors (and behind closed blinds after the 3rd period when I started losing my mind and Steve was afraid the neighbors might see me and call the "men in white coats").

And so I bid a sad farewell to my beloved Canucks, and to hockey. I am not sure if I can or will continue following the playoffs. It would just be too painful.

Excuse me now, I must go call my therapist and then cry myself to sleep.

12 items or less

Dear Fellow Superstore Shopper:

Please consider the following three things before getting angry at me for being in the "12 items or less" lane when you think I have more than 12 items in my cart:

1. When you wish to tell off a white woman pushing a white baby in a stroller, consider perhaps that I do not speak Punjabi and you are wasting your energy by speaking to me in that language - although I did get the idea that you were pissed about something which is why you got my "Excuse me? Fuck you" look. At least get mad at me in English so I can retaliate appropriately.

2. Make sure you're actually IN the 12 items or less lane because once we were both speaking English and I realized why you were so pissed at me, it just gave me way too much satisfaction to tell you that YOU were actually in the wrong lane and then you probably felt stupid when I smirked and stared you down while you walked with your tail between your legs to the next checkout lane.

3. If you had actually counted the items in my cart you would have realized that I actually only had 11 anyways.

What I Learned Today #16

Today I learned that when you go to a new dentist for the first time and you start out the appointment by saying, "Listen, I know all about flossing and that I'm supposed to do it every day - and while I do try to do that, I'll be honest with you - I don't. I know I could/should floss more often. So if we could just skip the flossing lecture altogether, I would really appreciate it." that you won't get the flossing lecture and the appointment might actually go surprisingly well and you might even want to return to that dentist in the future.

Of course I may have just found a really awesome dentist and my lecture may have had nothing to do with my good experience, but I don't think it hurt.