What has happened to me

Thursday was a lovely evening with the sun shining so my little family went out for a walk.

We were about 15 minutes into it when I looked at Steve and noticed how nice he looked. Wearing a pair of white board shorts with a nice orange t-shirt and a brown and orange zip-up sweatshirt. Ruby was stylin' (as usual) in a matching pink outfit, and even Quincy looked good with her leather Roots collar and her orange Harley Davidson leash (which also matched with Steve's ensemble).

Then I looked down at myself...

Dear god, what has happened to me?

First I will pathetically defend myself by saying... we were just going out for some exercise - not out for dinner, not out for cocktails, not to anyone's house for a visit. We weren't going to see anyone we knew (thank Christ). We weren't even on any main streets where there was any stores or restaurants. There is also the argument that I had spent so much energy getting everyone else ready and presentable to go for a walk that I neglected to pay attention to what I was wearing.

That being said, I don't know if I can ever come up with an excuse good enough to leave my house wearing a pair of MOSS GREEN yoga pants and an ill-fitted PURPLE t-shirt.

What have I become?

There was a time when I wouldn't leave the house without a nice fitting, color co-ordinated outfit - usually in the slimming color of black. NO MATTER where I was going. EVEN IF I was only going out to exercise. For Pete's sake I remember not that long ago when I didn't want to buy a certain pair of runners because the TRIM on them was a color that I didn't like and wouldn't normally wear - even if those runners felt like they were manufactured especially for my feet.

And now? Have I lost all self respect? Green pants and a purple t-shirt?

I must take this experience and learn from it. It will serve as a warning of what I could become if I allowed this sort of careless behavior to continue. I vow to pay much closer attention to my attire before stepping foot outside this house.

Because I am fully aware that this situation is only a few steps away from going to Safeway in my jammies... and I can NEVER allow myself to fall that far.