Water bottles

I drink a lot of water. When I'm at home it comes from my tap because we have lovely water, but if I'm out and I need a drink I always buy a bottle of water. I've been doing it that way for years. And I always, always throw my empty water bottles into the recycling bin.

And then this big campaign started up a while ago about how terrible water bottles are and how nobody should buy them and how many places have been encouraged to stop selling them and how people should start carrying their own personal water bottles to save the environment.

Ok, first thing I need to say about that is that water is so good for you and we should all be drinking it. Lots of it. Banning the sale of water bottles just seems a little bit ridiculous to me because what is the alternative if we're out and about and need or want to drink something?Pop. (HA! You thought I was going to say beer, didn't you??) And wasn't that the last big campaign that came out? How we all drink too much pop and should drink more water? And I also wonder this... how are bottles that once contained pop any different for the environment than bottles that once contained water??? So banning water bottles seems like a really stupid idea to me.

HOWEVER, the other day when I was out and about I came across some neat looking light, stainless steel water bottles. I hemmed and hawed about buying one but ended up deciding to go ahead and get one. I am walking a lot these days and that neat looking reusable water bottle fit nicely into my drink holder on my stroller. I figured I could fill it up before I left the house and not have to worry about buying (or recycling) a plastic water bottle from a store.

And yesterday I tried it out.

When I got home from my walk to the grocery store (yes, the same walk that got cancelled the other day due to a cranky pants baby), I was unloading my stroller in the driveway and in an effort to have less stuff to carry into the house, I threw the water bottle (which had a tightly screwed-on lid) into a bag of groceries along with my wallet and cell phone. I got into the house and ran around to quickly do a few things before unloading my groceries. When I got around to carrying the bags to the kitchen, ONE of the bags was dripping profusely across my floor!

Why yes, it was that bag that contained my earth-friendly, reusable water bottle... and my wallet... AND MY CELL PHONE!

The stupid bottle had leaked out and pooled in the bottom of the grocery bag and my cell phone was completely submerged.

I pulled the phone out and took it apart and wrapped it in a diaper (apparently that's supposed to draw the water out and help speed the drying of accidentally waterlogged electronic items). Hours later, the phone was still not working and filled with condensation. A new cell phone would be very expensive.

Way more expensive than a convenient, disposable, earth-destroying, plastic water bottle.

One that would never have leaked onto my shit.

I have to tell you, I can't help but feel a little slighted by the whole situation. I went against my better judgement and tried to do a little earth friendly deed and this is the thanks I get from Mother Earth.

So.... Up yours, Mother Earth! I am going back to plastic!