For anyone who doesn't already know... we are serious Canuck fans in this house.

Last night marked game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs and I had the baby dressed for the occasion (the dog was off the hook this time):

It pleased Steve to no end to come home from work to see her in her retro Canucks jersey (courtesy of Uncle Craig). She wore it through the evening and watched the first period of the game from the comforts of his lap.

The Canucks were up by a goal after the first period and I heard him tell her, "If they win, we cannot wash your jersey!"

Then he told me that she must wear the shirt until the game was over.

Ha ha, yes, yes, that's cute. But I must go put her in her jammies now and get her ready for bed.

"After you put her jammies on can you please put the jersey on over top of them?"

Uhhh... ok.

So when I brought her back to the living room wearing her jammies with the jersey just draped over her, he freaked.


Even though she was super sleepy at this point and not very cooperative, we put the jersey back on, over her little jammies.

Sometime during the second period though, it was bedtime. So I took her down the hall and slipped the jersey off her and laid her in her crib.

Steve was about 10 steps behind me like a hawk, watching for that jersey.

"You took it off her!!!? Put it back on!"

I then had to explain to him the hazards of loose clothing on a sleeping baby and how it would be very BAD LUCK if Ruby suffocated on her Canucks jersey.

In the end, he reluctantly agreed to this:
(Note Ruby sleeping in crib):

Now there is the matter of not washing the jersey until playoffs are over... the kid spills some serious bodily fluids - this could get pretty gross if the Canucks make it a couple of rounds.