You don't know what you've got til it's gone

I woke up this morning to no water.

Construction continues on my street this week (which makes this week #9 or something??) and some tag was left on my door yesterday which apparently notified me of an interruption in my water service. Except I promptly crumpled and discarded it, assuming it would be another 15 minute shut-off like it was a couple of weeks ago when a young, attractive construction worker knocked on my door to let me know it would be off for a few minutes and I was all flustered because I had actually just been in my underwear when he knocked and I grabbed the first thing I could find to wear which was an old stained sweatshirt, and my hair and makeup was also not done. By the time he knocked again to let me know it was back on, I was in my jeans and hair and makeup had been done in record time.

But I digress.

My point is that I thought maybe because I didn't answer the door this time, they just left me a note. And that it would be another short shut-off. But I would be wrong. The water was off all, day, long.

Now, I'm sure that at some point in my life, my water has been shut off before - but I guess I've always been at work all day so it never really affected me. Now that I'm at home all day I really, really missed having water.

For example, I have never wanted to wash dishes so badly as I did today. Just because I couldn't, I'm sure. And I REALLY needed to refill the ice cube tray too. Like today. This afternoon. It was almost an emergency! What would I do without ice cubes all afternoon!??

And then I suddenly came down with this unrelenting thirst! I tried quenching it with some juice in the morning and then with some of that yummy Green Tea Ginger Ale - which is not so yummy when you're on your fifth glass of it.

I started to have crazy thoughts... Like, that water in the back of the toilet is clean enough to drink, right? And I wondered if I should try melting some snow (yes, sadly there is some snow on my sun deck). Then things got really desperate and I decided I would drink whatever I found in our beer fridge (heh, secretly hoping there would be some beer in there. Great excuse, right?) Except all I found in there was a bottle of purple cooler (um, was a 17 year old girl drinking at my house??) and a bottle of ice wine (also, gross).

Luckily, just in the nick of time, at precisely 3:46pm, the water came back on. And all my problems were solved.

Of course now that the water is back, the sink is full of hot, soapy dish water, the ice cube tray still sits empty on the counter and I still haven't drank a glass of water yet. But I COULD if I wanted to. And I do still intend to.

I just wish I had taken the time to read the notice. I might have prepared a little better. I might have rinsed out and some empty 2 litre pop bottles and stored up some fresh water to use during the day. You know, for things like brushing teeth, washing faces, and maybe even some for drinking.

I also would not have had added those Bran Buds in my smoothie yesterday afternoon.