The results are in... early!

As I sit here eating a black bottom cupcake and reading my poll results, I see that most of you sadists felt that I should use my "treat" money on a Weight Watchers membership.

What the hell is wrong with y'all????

For your information, I only put that in there as filler just so there would be more options to choose from besides the new wardrobe and the night out with drinky poos at the Canucks game (which is what I really wanted...). I didn't think it would actually get the majority of the votes! And those votes had better have come from people who don't see me in real life because I might think that you assholes are calling me fat!! Also, even though the poll wasn't scheduled to close until Wednesday, I'm closing it today because I can't stand to see that WW vote go any higher...

Ok, I'm only joking.

I really do appreciate everyone who took the time to vote or leave a comment. It was fun to check in every day and see what the results were.

I also want to send a special thank you to my husband who was the one and only person who voted for the Canucks tickets with all the bells and whistles (even if he did have ulterior motives).

As for the new wardrobe - I did go buy a new pair of pants and a shirt. Oh and 2 new bras - which took up a good chunk of that "treat" money. I think you have to pay extra for bras in my size because of all the extra material.

The spa appointment has been booked for this weekend and I've chosen a treatment that is only $9 more than the gift certificate that I have (plus a tip). I think that after my "lavender dreams" massage, I will probably feel like a million bucks and I will be very satisfied.

Also, magically, when we arrived at my parents house this Saturday, lo and behold what was sitting in the middle of the living room?? Grandma and Grandpa came through on the jumperoo. Ruby loves it and therefore I love it.

So that leaves us at the Weight Watchers membership.... *sigh*

I was really putting my money on the breastfeeding "melting away" the baby fat. Yeahhhh.... it's not quite working out that way. I gained quite bit of weight during pregnancy and have actually lost quite a bit since - but I seem to have stalled. I have been losing a tiny bit of weight each week still, but if I keep going at this rate, I might reach my pre-pregnancy weight sometime in 2017.

I have been seriously contemplating the WW membership for a while now but wasn't sure I would be able to pull off the whole being organized enough to be on a eating plan with a "new" baby in the house. (Is she still considered a new baby if she's 3 months old??) Right now I will usually grab a slice of leftover pizza as I fly past the fridge on the way to feed/change/bathe/sing to/dance with the baby. Not much of a "plan" there.

I also wondered how much trouble I might have if I couldn't make it to the meetings - which were at 8:30am on Saturdays.... I am pretty much positive that I would be missing most or all of them. And then I would feel like a big fat failure and then I would dive face first into a plate of nachos with extra cheese.

I have done WW in the past with great success. When I do things, I go balls to the wall. All or nothing. I am relentless. Something about being a perfectionist, or some OCD or something like that. So if I was going to sign up for WW and then couldn't make the meetings... well, you might as well just get me a reservation in the psych ward now.

So I did a bit of soul searching and decided that I really did want to lose some weight and the best way I know how is indeed Weight Watchers (and not just because you assholes told me I should) But because my lifestyle has changed considerably (ha! understatement of the century) I've decided on doing things a little differently this time.

I'm going to try the Weight Watchers online program. It's actually half the price of the real life program and there's lots of charts and programs that I can totally geek out on. Oh how I love me a good chart/graph.

So that's that. The new lifestyle starts Wednesday morning when I will dust the cupcake crumbs off my pyjamas and start fresh.

Now if you'll excuse me, there is some leftover pizza in the fridge that needs to be... dealt with.