I managed to get a decent refund this year on my income tax.

The cheque arrived in the mail today and was promptly deposited to my account and now it's burning a hole in there.

I should be using all of it to pay off bills because I have a lot of them - and most of it will go in that direction. But I figure that with all that I went through last year, I think I deserve to use a little of the money to treat myself. I just can't decide on what sort of treat...

Here's the options:

~ I have a $100 gift certificate for a fantastic spa. I could use some of the money to add to this and have a super duper treatment.

~ I would love to get out on the town and see a Canucks game. And have decent seats. And have a couple of cocktails while I'm there. I would somehow need to find a way to get Grandma over here to babysit though. And since there are no more regular season games on Saturday this year, it does present a bit of a logistical issue.

~ I desperately would love to lose some weight. I could buy myself a couple months worth of WW meetings. Sure this probably doesn't seem like a "treat" but it would be in the end if/when I've lost 20-30lbs. Nothing is more of a treat than weight loss.

~ Most of my wardrobe consists of t-shirts and sweat pants right now and most of that is stained with some variety of baby body fluids. The only jeans I own are capris and I dug them out from the abyss so they're not really up with the latest styles. I have no jeans that are of regular length. I don't get to go out very much but when I do, I am uncomfortable with my frumpy-fatty-mamma clothes. I could go out and buy myself some new clothes but what if/when I DO lose some weight and they don't fit anymore. Is that a waste?

~ I really want to get Ruby into some sort of a jolly jumper or jumperoo. They are a little bit pricey though so I've held off. I could go ahead and buy here one. Not really a treat for me though - except I would get joy from seeing her use it and thrive.

In a perfect world I would love to follow Weight Watchers for a while until I lost some weight (preferably 30lbs in two weeks) then spend the afternoon at the spa, come home and get all dolled up in my new wardrobe and then head out to a Canucks game while Ruby stayed home and played in her new jumperoo with grandma. Sadly, I cannot afford all these luxuries.

So I could use some help deciding. What would you do? Any of the above? Or something totally different that I haven't thought of?

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