Ruby has been quickly gaining notoriety in our neighborhood. She's become so popular in fact, that today when she was out riding around in her "convertible" and doing some shopping, she had to resort to going in disguise:

Despite her best efforts to remain anonymous, the paparazzi still managed to find her. Luckily though, she was feeling good natured today so she allowed them a close up photo op with a smile - even though she is pretty sure that the photo will probably end up on the cover of "People" magazine:

In an effort to ditch the paparazzi, she then quickly retreated back to her compound where she tossed back a few bottles of milk and then lounged on her semi-private patio with her handler:

Before long, Ruby was bored and decided that she wanted to go out in her "convertible" again even though she'd clearly had one too many bottles of milk. Her handler tried to talk her out of it but Ruby is nasty after a few milks and there is just no reasoning with her. So with her handler and bodyguard in tow, she got her pimped-out ride all fired up and went back out to cruise the city streets.

Sure enough, after she tired of yelling obscenities at anyone who came within her path, she passed out. This came as no surprise to her handler who had warned her of what can happen after too many ounces of milk.

And wouldn't you know it? Those damn paparazzi managed to find her again and snap another photo of her while she was passed out. (How do they always know where she is??? Someone must have tipped them off.) She has obviously hit rock bottom:

It looks like baby rehab may be in Ruby's immediate future.