Ruby has been quickly gaining notoriety in our neighborhood. She's become so popular in fact, that today when she was out riding around in her "convertible" and doing some shopping, she had to resort to going in disguise:

Despite her best efforts to remain anonymous, the paparazzi still managed to find her. Luckily though, she was feeling good natured today so she allowed them a close up photo op with a smile - even though she is pretty sure that the photo will probably end up on the cover of "People" magazine:

In an effort to ditch the paparazzi, she then quickly retreated back to her compound where she tossed back a few bottles of milk and then lounged on her semi-private patio with her handler:

Before long, Ruby was bored and decided that she wanted to go out in her "convertible" again even though she'd clearly had one too many bottles of milk. Her handler tried to talk her out of it but Ruby is nasty after a few milks and there is just no reasoning with her. So with her handler and bodyguard in tow, she got her pimped-out ride all fired up and went back out to cruise the city streets.

Sure enough, after she tired of yelling obscenities at anyone who came within her path, she passed out. This came as no surprise to her handler who had warned her of what can happen after too many ounces of milk.

And wouldn't you know it? Those damn paparazzi managed to find her again and snap another photo of her while she was passed out. (How do they always know where she is??? Someone must have tipped them off.) She has obviously hit rock bottom:

It looks like baby rehab may be in Ruby's immediate future.

Penn State are back......in trouble

Penn State's Spring training has started with a swing (literally!) with defensive star Jared Odrick arrested for "disorderly conduct" after getting in a fight with three Penn State students and another man.

If Odrick was fighting all four of them, then kudos to him for not backing down. But then again, it's not likely Joe Paterno will see it the way of the VFA, will he?

"Odrick was charged March 11 after police said he punched one of the individuals outside an apartment building in State College," writes Adam Rittenberg of ESPN.com, who adds, somewhat hilariously: "The police citation indicated that alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the incident."

This is Happy Valley for crying out loud! When wouldn't alcohol been a factor in the incident - especially in the early hours of the morning.

I don't know what Joe Paterno's plans are for Odrick. Will he be suspended for the season opener, giving Brit standout Jack Crawford the chance to shine? Or will he clean up Happy Valley all by himself for the 2009 season? Annoying, it hasn't been mentioned on Every Day Should Be Saturday's Fulmer Cup site- but it will be.

Penn State are back.......in trouble.

The results are in... early!

As I sit here eating a black bottom cupcake and reading my poll results, I see that most of you sadists felt that I should use my "treat" money on a Weight Watchers membership.

What the hell is wrong with y'all????

For your information, I only put that in there as filler just so there would be more options to choose from besides the new wardrobe and the night out with drinky poos at the Canucks game (which is what I really wanted...). I didn't think it would actually get the majority of the votes! And those votes had better have come from people who don't see me in real life because I might think that you assholes are calling me fat!! Also, even though the poll wasn't scheduled to close until Wednesday, I'm closing it today because I can't stand to see that WW vote go any higher...

Ok, I'm only joking.

I really do appreciate everyone who took the time to vote or leave a comment. It was fun to check in every day and see what the results were.

I also want to send a special thank you to my husband who was the one and only person who voted for the Canucks tickets with all the bells and whistles (even if he did have ulterior motives).

As for the new wardrobe - I did go buy a new pair of pants and a shirt. Oh and 2 new bras - which took up a good chunk of that "treat" money. I think you have to pay extra for bras in my size because of all the extra material.

The spa appointment has been booked for this weekend and I've chosen a treatment that is only $9 more than the gift certificate that I have (plus a tip). I think that after my "lavender dreams" massage, I will probably feel like a million bucks and I will be very satisfied.

Also, magically, when we arrived at my parents house this Saturday, lo and behold what was sitting in the middle of the living room?? Grandma and Grandpa came through on the jumperoo. Ruby loves it and therefore I love it.

So that leaves us at the Weight Watchers membership.... *sigh*

I was really putting my money on the breastfeeding "melting away" the baby fat. Yeahhhh.... it's not quite working out that way. I gained quite bit of weight during pregnancy and have actually lost quite a bit since - but I seem to have stalled. I have been losing a tiny bit of weight each week still, but if I keep going at this rate, I might reach my pre-pregnancy weight sometime in 2017.

I have been seriously contemplating the WW membership for a while now but wasn't sure I would be able to pull off the whole being organized enough to be on a eating plan with a "new" baby in the house. (Is she still considered a new baby if she's 3 months old??) Right now I will usually grab a slice of leftover pizza as I fly past the fridge on the way to feed/change/bathe/sing to/dance with the baby. Not much of a "plan" there.

I also wondered how much trouble I might have if I couldn't make it to the meetings - which were at 8:30am on Saturdays.... I am pretty much positive that I would be missing most or all of them. And then I would feel like a big fat failure and then I would dive face first into a plate of nachos with extra cheese.

I have done WW in the past with great success. When I do things, I go balls to the wall. All or nothing. I am relentless. Something about being a perfectionist, or some OCD or something like that. So if I was going to sign up for WW and then couldn't make the meetings... well, you might as well just get me a reservation in the psych ward now.

So I did a bit of soul searching and decided that I really did want to lose some weight and the best way I know how is indeed Weight Watchers (and not just because you assholes told me I should) But because my lifestyle has changed considerably (ha! understatement of the century) I've decided on doing things a little differently this time.

I'm going to try the Weight Watchers online program. It's actually half the price of the real life program and there's lots of charts and programs that I can totally geek out on. Oh how I love me a good chart/graph.

So that's that. The new lifestyle starts Wednesday morning when I will dust the cupcake crumbs off my pyjamas and start fresh.

Now if you'll excuse me, there is some leftover pizza in the fridge that needs to be... dealt with.


I managed to get a decent refund this year on my income tax.

The cheque arrived in the mail today and was promptly deposited to my account and now it's burning a hole in there.

I should be using all of it to pay off bills because I have a lot of them - and most of it will go in that direction. But I figure that with all that I went through last year, I think I deserve to use a little of the money to treat myself. I just can't decide on what sort of treat...

Here's the options:

~ I have a $100 gift certificate for a fantastic spa. I could use some of the money to add to this and have a super duper treatment.

~ I would love to get out on the town and see a Canucks game. And have decent seats. And have a couple of cocktails while I'm there. I would somehow need to find a way to get Grandma over here to babysit though. And since there are no more regular season games on Saturday this year, it does present a bit of a logistical issue.

~ I desperately would love to lose some weight. I could buy myself a couple months worth of WW meetings. Sure this probably doesn't seem like a "treat" but it would be in the end if/when I've lost 20-30lbs. Nothing is more of a treat than weight loss.

~ Most of my wardrobe consists of t-shirts and sweat pants right now and most of that is stained with some variety of baby body fluids. The only jeans I own are capris and I dug them out from the abyss so they're not really up with the latest styles. I have no jeans that are of regular length. I don't get to go out very much but when I do, I am uncomfortable with my frumpy-fatty-mamma clothes. I could go out and buy myself some new clothes but what if/when I DO lose some weight and they don't fit anymore. Is that a waste?

~ I really want to get Ruby into some sort of a jolly jumper or jumperoo. They are a little bit pricey though so I've held off. I could go ahead and buy here one. Not really a treat for me though - except I would get joy from seeing her use it and thrive.

In a perfect world I would love to follow Weight Watchers for a while until I lost some weight (preferably 30lbs in two weeks) then spend the afternoon at the spa, come home and get all dolled up in my new wardrobe and then head out to a Canucks game while Ruby stayed home and played in her new jumperoo with grandma. Sadly, I cannot afford all these luxuries.

So I could use some help deciding. What would you do? Any of the above? Or something totally different that I haven't thought of?

Feel free to leave a comment or vote anonymously on my poll on the sidebar (or both!).

Another world

Yesterday while I was putting together a dinner, I turned on the oven to preheat it. I then went about my dinner making business while the oven heated up.

Within a few minutes I could smell burning coming from the oven and I thought, "Hmm, I wonder what I cooked that spilled over in there...?"

A short time later the oven beeped, signalling that it had reached the desired 350 degrees. I open the door to put my dish inside and what do I find???

The pan that I used to cook chicken on the night before. Smoking and scorching and stinking up the kitchen.


Flashback to Steve offering to help clean up the kitchen after dinner the night before while I did other chores...

Tell me, in what world is it acceptable to hide whatever dish you don't feel like cleaning in the oven and never worry about it again??

Please tell me. I want to go to this world and live there forever.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

You would think that now that I have a baby to fulfill my entertainment needs that the dog would be off the hook.

Yeahhhh... No.

You don't know what you've got til it's gone

I woke up this morning to no water.

Construction continues on my street this week (which makes this week #9 or something??) and some tag was left on my door yesterday which apparently notified me of an interruption in my water service. Except I promptly crumpled and discarded it, assuming it would be another 15 minute shut-off like it was a couple of weeks ago when a young, attractive construction worker knocked on my door to let me know it would be off for a few minutes and I was all flustered because I had actually just been in my underwear when he knocked and I grabbed the first thing I could find to wear which was an old stained sweatshirt, and my hair and makeup was also not done. By the time he knocked again to let me know it was back on, I was in my jeans and hair and makeup had been done in record time.

But I digress.

My point is that I thought maybe because I didn't answer the door this time, they just left me a note. And that it would be another short shut-off. But I would be wrong. The water was off all, day, long.

Now, I'm sure that at some point in my life, my water has been shut off before - but I guess I've always been at work all day so it never really affected me. Now that I'm at home all day I really, really missed having water.

For example, I have never wanted to wash dishes so badly as I did today. Just because I couldn't, I'm sure. And I REALLY needed to refill the ice cube tray too. Like today. This afternoon. It was almost an emergency! What would I do without ice cubes all afternoon!??

And then I suddenly came down with this unrelenting thirst! I tried quenching it with some juice in the morning and then with some of that yummy Green Tea Ginger Ale - which is not so yummy when you're on your fifth glass of it.

I started to have crazy thoughts... Like, that water in the back of the toilet is clean enough to drink, right? And I wondered if I should try melting some snow (yes, sadly there is some snow on my sun deck). Then things got really desperate and I decided I would drink whatever I found in our beer fridge (heh, secretly hoping there would be some beer in there. Great excuse, right?) Except all I found in there was a bottle of purple cooler (um, was a 17 year old girl drinking at my house??) and a bottle of ice wine (also, gross).

Luckily, just in the nick of time, at precisely 3:46pm, the water came back on. And all my problems were solved.

Of course now that the water is back, the sink is full of hot, soapy dish water, the ice cube tray still sits empty on the counter and I still haven't drank a glass of water yet. But I COULD if I wanted to. And I do still intend to.

I just wish I had taken the time to read the notice. I might have prepared a little better. I might have rinsed out and some empty 2 litre pop bottles and stored up some fresh water to use during the day. You know, for things like brushing teeth, washing faces, and maybe even some for drinking.

I also would not have had added those Bran Buds in my smoothie yesterday afternoon.

No sleeping while hockey is on

We're starting to institute a bit of a sleep schedule for Ruby right now. Up until a few days ago she had been sleeping in our room at my bedside in a bassinet. She started going into her crib a few nights ago and it's been relatively successful (although we're still getting up once or twice a night to feed her).

Tonight she started to get sleepy so I got her ready for bed and then let her fall asleep on my lap in the living room while we watched the Canucks game.

By about 8:30pm she was sleeping pretty soundly so I decided to take her to her room and put her in her crib.

When I stood up and started walking towards her room, she fluttered her little eyes open and shut a few times but was still half asleep. As we walked past Steve he smiled at her little sleepy face.

She was still half asleep as I gently laid her down in her crib (which is ideal) when I heard this from the living room:

YEAH!!!! SCORE!!!!






And now he has Ruby on his lap to watch the magnificent goal that Burrows scored.

The more things change...

I still walk around the house bleary eyed on Saturday mornings, usually after much less sleep than I should have gotten, often with a headache - and I go around picking up the empty bottles that have been carelessly left on the coffee table, kitchen counter, and beside the couch from the night before at 10pm, 2am, and I wipe away the sticky bottle rings left behind from a sloppy drinker.

Different reasons for the bleary eyes. Different things causing the lack of sleep. Different reasons for the headaches. Different bottles and definitely different bottle contents.

The College Football Improvement Manifesto

After a deceptively good 2007 season which was full of tears and upsets, 2008 was almost a mirror opposite in the fact that they completely lacked them.

Although the No.1 teams in the country still managed to occasionally lose (that’s you, USC), the No.1s and ranked teams pretty much kept their position without fail.

Why? Because of a number of factors, including stupid journalists from the AP and the bizarre computing system which will be forever known in Joe Paternospeak as B.S.C. (or BCS, if you ‘purists’ like to call it).

Right, so here’s how to call college football better – and giving the computer something to think about.

First things first:

Reward schools for tough out-of-conference schedules

It’s a massive joke that the likes of Florida will probably go to the National Title game despite playing only one major school (that’s unless the school’s given the death penalty before then) in Florida State outside of its own conference.

Penn State’s sucks too- although the Alabama games in 2010 and 2011 at least is a great step forward (we feel that 'Bama will be preseason-ranked in the Top 10 for both these years, thanks to Nick Saban's wonderful recruiting prowess).

 We’re not exactly crying our eyes out about USC and Ohio State, but heck, at least the two schools play each other in 2009 (although Buckeyes fans will be hoping it turns out better than 2008!).

Three-quarters of the rating should be on a team’s non-conference schedule. Essentially, if you beat strong schools outside of your conference and you don’t end up losing every game INSIDE your conference, you’ll either get a strong ranking or end up high in the BCS. That might put an end to Texas vs Mississippi School For The Blind or Penn State vs Wisconsin Tech. The fans need bigger games to go to. And although it might not be wonderful to lose the games for the college athletic directors, the school won’t be too upset with the revenues - particularly in these economic times.

Eliminate 'in-conference strength'

If I’m the rest of college football conferences, I’d be pretty annoyed about the fact that at the start of every season it’s presumed that any team that wins the SEC Championship should go to the National Title game. It shouldn’t be that way. Teams should be evaluated on a) their non-conference wins and b) who they lost to and c)who they’ve beaten. Otherwise, college football fans will be hearing “SEC! SEC! SEC!” for seasons on end come National Championship Game time….and is THAT really good for the game?

Make the Top 25 the Top 35

Being in the Top 25 is something to talk about for college football fans. But the 20s-25s has always been a controversial subject. The 26th-ranked team in the nation is often one that should be in the Top 25, if it wasn’t for some snidey writer in Michigan who had an unreasonable hatred for their team. Expanding it to the Top 35 would definitely help to measure out a school’s success- and may help the smaller ones to recruit bigger players, instead of the likes of Texas, Florida and USC constantly ruling the roost.

Notre Dame – Find a Conference!

We've been pretty vocal about a lot of things about 'The Pope's Football Team' - especially the fact that Notre Dame needs to find a conference. Yeah, we know about the NBC deal and how important it is. Unfortunately, Irish fans, you’re four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are stamping all over the progress of college football. Can I recommend the Big East or the Big Ten?
The NCAA should force Notre Dame’s hand. It’s pretty simple. They should simply say: “You’re welcome to go unbeaten, Notre Dame. Unless you do, though, there’s no big Bowl game for you!!” That might get the Irish’s establishment moving a bit.

Every Conference Needs a Title Game

This writer still thinks that it's incredibly bizarre that BCS Schools like the Big East, Big Ten and the Pac-10 do not have conference games when they quite easily could have. They need to. The whole 'joint Champion' crap is doing my head in. In the same way as Penn State fans are grouchy because Ohio State fans call themselves joint Big Ten Champs in 2008 despite PSU beating OSU in Columbus, I'm sure that USC fans must be feeling the same way after Arizona State fans claimed a joint title in 2007 - despite the same result. In these economic times, the conferences must be crazy NOT to do it - won't it add invaluable extra revenue, create tourism funds for hosting cities and help fans be more definitive about who the darned Champion is of their conference? And that goes the same for non-BCS schools too. We need some unity!

Stop the Over-Recruiting

The NCAA has been stomping on a lot of things lately, but how about the practise of teams’ exceeding their allotted 25 football scholarship athletes per calendar year? As the number of recruits for a school's football team gets higher as the thirst for success becomes more and more lucrative, the NCAA once again seems to be missing the point. Sure, kids are coming out of high school early to come to the schools. But what happens if they aren't ready for it. We're pretty sure that every kid coming to college a semester early shouldn't be there.
How about saying this to schools: “Sure, you can sign Johnny Majors’ grandson for the 2012 season, Mr Kiffin – but that puts you over the limit of 25 scholarship athletes. In 2011, you’ll only be allowed 24 athletes per calendar year.” Not only will that mean that schools like USC, Texas, Florida etc won’t ‘hog’ recruits, but we’ll see talent trickling down, making the non-BCS conferences even better because of the sheer amount of talent playing down there. Oh, and some kids might stay in high school for a bit longer and get better grades. After all, the NFL's teams don't have unlimited salary caps or rosters, do they?

Forget probation, hit schools with the Benjamins

When a school violates NCAA rules, it may lost scholarships, or even wins. And it gets probation, instead of the death penalty (as happened with SMU). But why aren't schools being heavily hit where it hurts - their wallets? 

In NASCAR, if you break the rules, it costs you thousands of dollars in fines, a suspended crew chief, and going to the back of the field for one race. Why not fine schools thousands of dollars for breaking the rules and ban the head coach from the sideline and communication with his team for one game? That should the offending school a lesson! And if it doesn't, then take more drastic measures, which includes suspending players etc etc. The NCAA has to be able to govern schools - each and every one of them.

Suddenly getting a free text book (that’s you Alabama!), and giving someone a dry-ice reception at your stadium (that’s you, Tennessee!) is an expensive mistake. Oh, and make all of your recruiting definitive. We don't need experts about skirting around the rules. If someone on a staff is stupid enough to make a mistake with a black-and-white rulebook, then he should be fined for his mistakes.  And that'll mean that staffs that play by the rules may actually be rewarded, while breaking the rules may cost the cheats wins and jobs.

A Play-Off, A Play-Off, My Kingdom For A Play-off

Like almost every other college football blog, the View From North America has been campaigning for a play-off. We happen to think that it should be eight teams. Others think four. Others think that the two biggest bowls should be the ‘play-in’ game for the National Title. Personally, I don’t care how they do it, but I’m fed up with not having a deserved National Champion win the National Championship Game (I'd argue that Florida's loss to Ole Miss at home- at home - was a worse one than USC's on the road to Oregon State or Texas' loss at Texas Tech (and let's not talk about 2007/8, shall we?).

Unbeaten should matter

If I’m a Utah, Auburn or Boise State fan, I’d be pretty pissed at the BCS. They’ve left me out of the National Title game on three separate occasions despite the fact my teams have gone unbeaten. In the future, if my team beats good sides off-the-conference and wipes the floor with the in-season schedule, then they should at least be given a shout. Or why not talk about a play-off?

No free lunch in this house

Last night I left the house shortly after 6pm, toting nothing but a purse. That's right - no diaper bag, no carseat, no baby, no breastpump.

I went into the city and got myself a haircut and then met a girlfriend for a drink (ok, two).

Where was Baby Ruby during this time? She was at home, under her daddy's direct supervision. And yes, this was a big first.

I fully expected to come home to a screaming baby, dirty diapers strewn across the living room floor, smoke billowing from the stove, dog pee and/or poop the floor, and Steve on the phone with my mother asking her what to do...

Instead, the only thing I could possibly find wrong when I got home was that Ruby was wearing a sleeper that was sized 6-9 months - and she's only 3 months old. This is something I can live with.

I was really impressed that he did such a great job and wasn't sure why he was so helpful and eager for me to get out. (Go on, we'll be fine. You deserve it!)

And then just when I was content and laying my head on my pillow to go to sleep last night he casually mentioned that he had been invited for cocktails after work on Friday and would I mind if he went...?

And there it is people. There truly is no such thing as a free lunch.

Daddy's girl

This evening I was in another room while Steve was in the kitchen with Ruby, warming her a bottle.

I overheard him tell her that if she wants to grow up to be a championship beer chugger like him, she should start drinking her bottles with the faster nipples on them.

Seriously, heart warming.


It's been over a week now since I last posted. So you might think that in a week there must be something witty or funny or even interesting that has happened that I could write about. Sadly, unless you want to hear about the awesome baby cream that I discovered this past week or my run-in with a nurse on the BC Nurse hot line (which I will never phone again) over giving my baby gripe water (or crack as the nurse made it out to be), I really have nothing much of interest to write about.

Or maybe it's because I spent last week setting up a blog for Ruby and it sucked the ever loving creativity right out of me.

But now in an effort to write something (and maybe start the creative juices flowing again), I'm going to tell you about two new food items that I found at Costco that I'm really impressed with.

*yawn* I know, I know. Dullsville. Click away now if you wish. My feelings won't be hurt.

First off - wraps.

One might think that because wraps aren't as thick as bread that they should be lower in calories, right? Not so. Most wraps are way higher in calories than I personally feel that they should be. Sometimes you don't want all the bread and you'd rather have the wrap but is it worth it for the extra calories? Do you even care about the calories? If you do - then these are for you:

Mountain Bread - Light wraps.

And when they say "light", they mean business. They are super duper thin - like paper thin, literally. But I don't mind that. It's kind of nice actually. They are still a decent size and they roll up quite nice.

For anyone who is on a "special diet" they have no fat added, no oil added, no sugar added, no milk products, no eggs and no sour dough (although admittedly, I don't know what is bad about sour dough). And if you're doing the Weight Watchers thing (I am not but I am watching the calorie intake) they are only 1 point each. YES, only 1 point. (79 calories, 0.3g fat, 1g fibre).

Oh and even though they are paper thin, they don't taste like paper. They taste quite nice actually.

The only shitty thing is that they are quite expensive - $ 6.49 for 8 wraps.

They're in the bread section at Costco.

Second - Shrimp Wonton Soup

I know I've talked about soup before and how hard it is to find a good soup unless you make it yourself. Well I've found a yummy little wonton soup that you just add water and microwave and it is actually quite delicious:

So um, yeah. They are in a box the freezer in separate little bowls and you just add some water and microwave them. They're quite nice.

Again, for the diet conscious - they are only 2 Weight Watchers points per bowl (120cal, 2g fat, 1g fibre). But maybe don't have them the day before a weigh-in, or if you have a bad heart as they are loaded with sodium (1430mg).

Again though - quite expensive. I think they were around $14 for a box of 6. Still. Yummy.

They're in the freezer section at Costco.

Ok, that's all. Now go find something more worthwhile to read.