Why Alex Rodriguez should be in the Hall of Fame....

The whole Alex Rodriguez situation has got me thinking.

First a bit of background: According to a report in Sports Illustrated, the baseball star tested positive for steroids. On Monday, he admitted to taking banned substances.

For me, Alex Rodriguez did the right thing - in a decade where he certainly hasn't always been on the right tracks. He managed to piss MLB off by announcing that he was a free agent during the World Series. He managed to piss Texas Rangers fans by chewing up all of the team's payroll. He managed to piss off Yankee fans with a string of disastrous postseason appearances. And he managed to piss off the Hall of Fame, who must be wondering: do we elect this guy to the Hall of Fame?

I would. And here's the big reason why:

Because for one, he's been a hell of a lot more honest than a bunch of players in the steroid era.

Barry Bonds, baseball's Home Run King whether we like it or not, hasn't admitted it.

Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, who had us all fooled in 1998, hasn't admitted it.

And Roger Clemens, one of baseball's best-ever pitchers? He hasn't either. 

Alex Rodriguez did admit it. And for that, he must be applauded. I can't wait to see if 103 other players who tested positive in the 2003 season do the same thing.

And you're right. There are no excuses for taking illegal substances to make you a better player. If you can't take the pressure, get out of the fire. But Alex Rodriguez has shown - clean - that he is one of baseball's most talented players, and he should be installed in Canton when the times comes.

Rather like that Pete Rose character.

And just in case you want to watch it, here's Peter Gammons' thoughts on the A-Rod situation: