"Sleep when she sleeps"

I think this is/was the most common piece of advice I received while pregnant and after Ruby was born. And in theory, it's a great piece of advice.

In reality however, it never really worked for me.

First of all - I'm not great at napping. Hell, I'm not even great at sleeping during the night. I'm a terribly light sleeper and any little whisper of noise wakes me up. And while I have a brand new baby that I am completely responsible for, I am awake and alert at every little sigh she makes.

Secondly - There is SO MUCH that is not getting done anymore because I am caring for a baby. So when she falls asleep I start racing around the house to get as much done as I possibly can. Besides the usual household stuff like dishes and sweeping and picking up dirty underwear - there is also cleaning and sterilizing bottles, washing poopy baby clothes, pumping milk, eating, showering.

Thirdly - I do still feel the need to occasionally read emails, check facebook and blogs. Might not seem essential but to me it kinda is. I am inside this house most every hour of every day. I have to make special arrangements with Steve and plan ahead if I want to use the car to go anywhere (we only have one right now and he needs it for work). And it is like planning some sort of high tech military maneuver to get us all ready to leave the house at any given time. And so I am getting none to very little social interaction with other human beings - besides Ruby and Steve. And Ruby is not yet much of a conversationalist - and if there happens to be a hockey game or other sporting event on (darts anyone?), neither is Steve. So I do feel the need to check in on people via the internet once in a while as it is my only connection to the outside world sometimes. And some days those FB status updates are all that are keeping me sane.

And so, "Sleep when she sleeps" sounds really good in theory, but I've never really been able to follow this piece of advice that so many people have given me.

Now, Steve on the other hand... he really likes this advice and has no trouble following it at all: