We know how you feel.....

This poster says it all. Unfortunately, the makers of this poster are going to take this photo down after a protest from Wolverine fans.

Apparently they are going to boycott Maker's Mark after the ad. After the season Michigan had last year, this blog is frankly surprised Michigan fans aren't boycotting the team and hitting the booze. Then again, who am I to talk after the Zac Mills/Anthony Morelli days of the early 2000s - and the string of ever-painful losses to those who think it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine (or rather, those who did until 2007 and 2008!!).

Here's a video from probably the happiest moment of the 2007 season that Penn State fans had, Michigan fans. It was on the first game of the season. You were playing a bunch of guys from Appalachian State. You remember, right?

Oh, and this was the reaction in Happy Valley