So why would you come to this school?

At the VFA, we've always wanted to know what the biggest factors were for a player coming to a school. Instead of looking it up on Rivals/ESPN/SI/Scout/Fox Sports/ Anything else we made a few up of our own.


Future NFL career. The stars watch your games. Oh, and there are song girls. Awesome song girls.


National Championships. Hot weather. An even hotter Erin Andrews. And of course, Tim Tebow.

Ohio State

In your next four years, you might be part of the team that actually wins a National Championship. Or not.


You'll know what it's like to play in front of the quietest 110,000 fans in Christendom. And lose in front of them. Unless, of course, it's against Penn State.


Where you can assured that everyone's going to 'real school' (apparently that's what they call it in Louisiana). And drive-through dacquiris aren't weird. Seriously.

Florida State

Beautiful ladies? Check. No class? Check. Prison? Check.

University of Miami

Just a moment. Why wouldn't you want to play in Miami? 


You'll get the chance to play with a quarterback where the biggest question is not his quarterbacking: it's how did his superhot girlfriend get with him?

Notre Dame

God, football, and 100,000 'Irish' people who haven't ever been to Ireland.

Penn State

You'll get to play a 'good football' team every week of your years in State College.....even if the rest of the country think that your opposition sucks. Oh, and it's a good opportunity to get busted by the police and declare for the NFL - all in one year.