NFL Draft: The case for Deon Butler

The NFL Draft is a pretty exciting thing. We get to sit around all day, watch players' highlights, and laugh when the consensus quarterback only goes at the bottom of the Draft's first round. Not only that, but we can watch and see if yesterday's school heroes may be the well-paid heroes of tomorrow.

Deon Butler was one of those heroes at Penn State.

In his career at Penn State, Derrick Williams may have been the human highlight reel - but Butler was Mr Reliable. He put up three solid 600 yard seasons and one outstanding 800 yard season in his career, breaking the all-time reception record. Not bad, actually.

In the game against THAT USC defense in the Rose Bowl, Butler had four catches for 97 yards.

In his college career, he managed to make Darryl Clark and Michael Robinson both look like future NFL quarterbacks. Sadly, he didn't do the same for one Anthony Morelli, but that's another - and rather depressing - bunch of memories.

He impressed in the NFL Combine, running a 4.30 Forty.

And his highlights aren't that bad, either.