First feelings on the Super Bowl

As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I'm pretty ecstatic that my team's 17-7 up against the Arizona Cardinals.

Just a few points:

1) James Harrison, season MVP, and then made a Super Bowl MVP-like 100 yard run for an interception touchdown. Wow.

2) Levi Brown vs Lamar Woodley. I remember watching the Penn State vs Michigan game in Happy Valley, and Woodley had his way with Brown and the rest of the Penn State O-Line. While Brown's been pretty good, Woodley's made PSU's only representative in the Super Bowl this year look a little stupid at times. So no change there then....

3) Larry Fitzgerald not a factor until the closing part of the game.

4) Was shocked to see Troy Polamalu miss a couple of tackles. Was NOT shocked to see a) Ike Taylor miss one and b) the Steelers dropping an INT chance.

5) This game's going to go the wire. Can't wait for the second half

6) Oh, and the half-time show wasn't as good as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers in Arizona. Sorry, Boss. I would have loved to have heard "Born in the USA" or my personal favorite "Secret Garden". Mind you, if Springsteen had played every single one of his hits we would have been there all night.

7) Oh, and Penn State basketball won at Michigan State in a monster upset in college basketball. No, I'm serious, it really did happen.