Anyone else nervous about signing day?

Now the college football season's over, we college sports fans have something else to worry about being the intra-team scrimmage in front of tens of thousands of people.....signing day.

It's the time when the 'blue chip recruits', after months of nagging, sign on the dotted line and commit to four (well, three) years of playing for the same team.

Tennessee fans still regret the time when Casey and Rick Clausen signed on the dotted line to play for the University of Tennessee, and Notre Dame fans will be praying that brother Jimmy can bring home the Holy Grail once in the next two years.

And as a Penn State fan, I'm just hoping Joe Paterno can bring home three decent wide receivers.

According to, Penn State are 15th-best in the country for recruiting.....even with its vote for best recruiter in Larry Johnson Sr.

That's great, because SI doesn't even have PSU in the top 25.

And what we forget is, while the recruiting might mean so much right now on a snowy Wednesday in the UK (where this blog's written from) or in the Northeastern United States (where apparently it's blizzarding), it doesn't really matter.

The key is WHEN the kid comes to the school. Will he be well coached? Will he get playing time? Will he live up to expectations? And more's the case, will he behave himself?

Having said that, the VFA will update you Wednesday/Thursday will all goings-on - because while it might not be important, it's a bit better than watching repeats of the 2009 Rose Bowl.