Red Raiders Raided: Ole Miss stomps on Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl

I'll throw this one out there - I truly thought that Ole Miss was going to get its butt handed it to it by one of the nation's best offenses. For me, Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree were no-brainers against Jevon Snead and his rag-tag Ole Miss offense.

But in the end, the butts who were sore were those wearing black, as the Rebels crushed the once-National Title hopefuls 47-34.

Of course, I forgot about one person - Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss' wide receiver-come-running back for the day. McCluster was unbelievable in this game, running through the Red Raiders defense with ease in a 97 yard, 1 touchdown performance - on 11 carries. It was quite incredible. Oh, and he also had six catches for 83 yards.

Don't get me wrong though - this one was an absolute classic. Both sides decided that conventional defense was not going to be their strongest point pretty early on, giving up 469 (Ole Miss) and 515 (Tech) yards in a game that you simply couldn't take your eyes off. Snead was excellent, throwing for 292 yards and 3 TDs in a superb performance, while Harrell had 364 yards and 3 TDs.

But while Snead only had the one interception, Harrell had two - and both of those proved fatal to the Raiders' hopes of winning the bowl game.

Ole Miss' very attacking defense was possibly the star of the show, taking two Harrell interceptions back to the house from 45 and 65 yards out in front of a packed house in Dallas as well as crushing the vaunted quarterback for a game-ending safety.

In his celebration, Houston Nutt should make a call to former head coach Ed Orgeron, who recruited McCluster. Both of them should celebrate giant offensive linesman Michael Oher, who's going to the NFL - possibly as the top pick. Harrell will also be drafted - and how about Snead and McCluster for the future? Don't bet against it.