Maurice Evans: Why are you going?

A quick note to Maurice Evans:

Why on earth have you chosen to go to the NFL?

I'm sure that the lure of cash is too much for you, but seriously - your 2008 season wasn't exactly glittering, was it?

You had three sacks all season long for Penn State in a season that was probably more memorable for you being charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana than it was for you getting an All-American place like your colleague, Aaron Maybin.

Let's throw this one out there: the last I looked, the NFL weren't too happy with drafting players who have 'character issues'. There are many people I know in Happy Valley that think you're a gentle giant, but with a cannabis charge, do you think that NFL GMs care?

And while Aaron Maybin's been thought of a future top 10 draft pick, you're not in the first round.

Now people may look to your sensational 2007 season, when you had 12.5 sacks in what was a rather disappointing season for Penn State. You could be sensational (read: Top 10, and more money!) in 2010.

I'll just send out the message from the guys from Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman:

You made a big mistake, huge.