It's good to be a Florida Gator!

That's not to say this writer remotely likes the Florida Gators, but you can't help but be pleased for Tim Tebow, who's probably one of the most decent men in college football.

Tebow was superb in the fourth quarter of the National Championship Game last night, outperforming Heisman winner Sam Bradford.

In fact, he could have engineered a great comeback - in front of a practically home crowd in Miami - had Bradford and his offense been able to take advantage of TWO touchdown-scoring opportunities when practically at Florida's goalline.

Sure, Tebow was interecepted a couple of times. Sure, Oklahoma disproved comments that Big XII South defenses are completely overrated. But sure, when it came to the clutch, Tebow ran and threw with perfection.

It wasn't pretty - but Tim Tebow has a second National Championship with the Florida Gators. What are the odds that he's going to be around for a third?