How to piss off a sleep deprived woman

The fastest way to piss off a sleep deprived woman off who has a 7 week old baby?

Have a member of the construction crew who is putting in a new water main on her street, bang on her door at 7:25am because you are about to tear up the street immediately at the end of her driveway and you thought you'd be courteous and suggest that her car be moved out of the driveway so that it does not get blocked in. EVEN THOUGH, you have been working on the street for over a week now and maybe could maybe have anticipated that the driveway would be blocked on this day and perhaps advised her of this... oh, I don't know, sometime in the afternoon of the day before???? You know, when she is awake and maybe watching Ellen instead of asleep in bed after being up in the night with a baby with eyes as wide as saucers???? And then make sure that there is no hope of her getting back to sleep because 1)You've now disturbed the baby's sleep and she is restless, and 2) YOU ARE RIPPING UP PAVEMENT OUTSIDE OF HER BEDROOM WINDOW!!!

Footnote: Lucky for said construction worker, the woman's husband was home and is substantially more forgiving and good natured than she is (probably because he isn't nearly as fucking sleep deprived!!!) and the husband was able to answer the door and move the car without tearing anyone's head off. Lives were saved here, people. I swear....